About Us

Finding out we were expecting triplets dramatically changed both our lives. We were not trying to get pregnant. We also do not have fraternal twins in either of our families, and, of course, we did not use any kind of fertility assistance.

Jason and I are both from the midwest, met in San Diego, and recently married there. Jason is a website developer (sqorange.com), and works full-time from home building websites. I moved to CA in 2009 to attend a PhD program in psychology, and also work as a teaching assistant at one of the UC universities.

Because the pregnancy was unplanned, many changes in a very short period of time are behind us; We married at the courthouse when I was 14 weeks along, Jason went back to a 9 to 5 job, we moved into a house, and even bought a minivan. Even more are ahead of us, like finding good help for the babies. I worry about this constantly. I wish either of us had family, particularly the babies’ grandparents, who lived here. But, alas, we are alone. Jason watches the babies while I’m at school teaching and taking classes approx 20 hours a week. I work primarily while watching the babies. Jason works all night and every weekend. It’s tough. A big worry is that I’ll drop out of my PhD program. The challenge is that I finish the PhD program while taking care of triplets…

We made this blog for all the friends and family back home who wish they could be here. I’ve only lived in CA since 2009, and Jason’s been here since 2003. I’m from MN, and Jason grew up in MI, but his parents now live in Georgia.