18 months – Counting our blessings this holiday season

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Normally I post about our struggles, but this holiday season I’m highlighting our blessings – because they are plentiful. The smoke is clearing, survival mode is truly behind us (even though the night wakings are not, haha), and we can see the light. The very, very bright light.

Jason’s parents and brother moved here a few months ago. They took over the nanny position, caring for the babies while I work, and bringing the kind of support only family has to offer. I don’t know many people so lucky! The sense of safety, trustworthiness, and reliability they brought us eases our burdens in more ways than they realize. They release me to make great strides in my work, as I am no longer constantly distracted, worrying if the triplets are being well cared for in my absence. I see how much Nana, Papa, and Uncle love the babies. At last, the triplets are getting all the attention and care they need. We will be forever thankful that Jason’s family moved here, loving, caring, and taking such a large role in the babies’ lives.

We also learned we were just a few pounds shy of making the world record for largest triplets ever born. The current record-holders totaled 20 lbs.; Our triplets totaled 17 lbs. (The previous record was in 2011, at 18 lbs.) The family that holds the current title ate 6,000 calories a day (I only ate 1500 – 2000). Like us, they were spontaneous and also carried their triplets to the 38th week. However, one of their babies needed NICU time (none of ours did). These facts REALLY hit me. We are incredibly lucky to have had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, and extraordinarily healthy triplets. I don’t know any other triplet family with a story like ours. I’m ashamed to say I have not been grateful enough for this, the most important thing in life, the health of our children. We are so very, very lucky. And very thankful.

In order to help me through the PhD, Jason took a large role in childcare, quitting his day job to freelance and develop his own web company at night. It was a big, risky move, but it paid off.  Work waxes and wanes, but Jason is doing better than expected. Because he’s home, he makes ample time each day, many times a day, for the children. Not many fathers get such a big role in raising their children. And they are very attached to him. We are so happy to have him home, and I don’t thank him enough for this, either.

And then there’s Jason and me. Well, we didn’t know each other very long before getting surprise-pregnant. I’m certain the world thought we were doomed as a couple, especially after learning triplets were on the way. The truth is, we struggle. It’s not easy getting to know someone – going through normal relationship ups and downs – while raising triplets. When energies are in other things (career, young triplets) there is little room for repletion, and almost nothing for “working on the relationship.” Difficult, and certainly impossible for some, but at the end of the day we stand together. I have never trusted anyone as much as I trust Jason. When we truly let go and enjoy our time together, I remember why I fell so hard for him, so fast. I am incredibly lucky and thankful to call this very grounded, loyal, hard-working, funny, and especially loving person my husband.

This year, there’s a lot to be thankful for. I hope you can remember your blessings, too. Happy holidays!!!


  • Jason says:

    Ditto. I love you… Thanks for being a GREAT Mom and a loving wife. Happy holidays everyone!!

  • Caitlin says:

    Aw. So nice Esther. Hooray for hitting the end of the year with the clarity of mind to count your blessings and ability to enjoy life instead of just surviving! It’s amazing how healthy your bubbas were when they were born and continue to be healthy, as you say, blessed indeed!

  • Meri Raffetto says:

    Lovely post and good reminder to stop and look at the cup half full! Happy Holidays!!

  • Kali says:

    You are so very blessed to have triplets that spent no time in the nicu. I had spontaneous triplets as well. Three boys. I did my very best to keep them in me, but they decided to arrive at 32+2. The boys all spent 3 weeks in the nicu to grow and feed. Their weights were great considering the gestational age though. I enjoy your blog and sharing in your journey. Thank you for sharing!!

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