16 months

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Milestones/stats: All babies weigh about between 22-25 lbs. The boys have 16 teeth and Emilia has 12 teeth. Eye color for all babies remains green/hazel. (No one got my brown eyes!)

For their 16 month check up, the doc told us again that the babies are doing wonderfully, although they may be somewhat behind singletons. Apparently 16 month olds say one word by now (other than mama and dada), wave, high-five, eat with a spoons (ok, I admit it, my bad) and should be drawing!! (I had no idea!)

“Have you started them on the spoon?” No. Why do I need to push the spoon at 16 months? The dog is getting fat enough as it is. Plus, it already takes me no less than 45 mins per meal, and half of it ends up on the floor.

“Have you given them a pen and let them draw?” No. It never occurred to me to give my kids pens. The other two would see the pen, and a screaming war would begin over rights to the pen. If I gave all 3 of them pens, someone would run off and poke an eye out.

“Reading?” Ummm…not so much (my bad). Locking them into the triplet table is the only way to read to all 3 at once, but someone always starts screaming just a few pages in. Shortly after, the others follow, and reading time is over. We’ve all tried (family, friends, hired help), and I have yet to see someone successfully read a whole book to any of my kids at once, without the other two ripping it away. I can’t imagine reading a whole book to all 3 at once! I think we just need a little more time on that one, if that’s OK.

I’m not concerned about any this. They will catch up. Differences between multiples and singletons usually shrink once they hit kindergarden.

Naps: Going extremely well. We’ve been on one nap since 12 months or so. Now that’s early, but around 11 months someone was refusing a nap altogether, and both naps were only 30-35 mins for all babies. We continued to “force” 2 naps, but it was obvious they were ready for one. Finally we bit the bullet, had a couple rough weeks (going back and forth), and then settled into one nap, by 12.5 months. They started sleeping 12 hours a night and taking one nap from 11am until about 1pm. They were fully transitioned by 13 months. They are now pushing that one nap to 12pm.

Night wakings: The boys started teething with the molars around 11.5 months, which had them waking all night for months. Now Emmy has been getting hers. Some nights, not a peep, others…well, the wakings rival the worst of the newborn days, and we are responding to cries if not every hour, then multiple times from multiple babies in an hour. There is nothing we can do to make them go back to sleep quickly for the reminder of the night. I started going to bed early again (8-9pm) to ensure a solid 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Some nights I get really lucky and no one wakes…and then I get like 8 or 9 hours of sleep! I feel like a totally different person. I really, really like my sleep. Being such a light sleeper, I need a few extra hours to combat all MY night wakings. :) :) :)

Health: The kids got sick for the first time in July. It was a common cold, and naturally, they all got it. I’m noting it because the boys ended up with bronchiolitis as a result of the cold, and William landed in the ER late one night after troubles breathing. This reminded me of his struggles with reflux, and how we had to buy a tucker sling so he could sleep for more than an hour at a time.  Just like with the reflux, Jackson had it too, but slightly less severe. According to the docs, the boys will probably have asthma-like symptoms (or develop asthma altogether) every time they get a cold. Jason had the same asthma-like symptoms resulting from a cold throughout childhood, but it went away when he was a teenager. Obviously we are hoping the same will be true for the boys (and they don’t end up developing asthma).

The PhD program: I’m still in the PhD program, but struggling. I’m currently working on 3 papers for my qualifying exams, and 2 of which will be published, in addition to teaching 90 students. My research project recently became the national research project the the largest undergrad honors society in America, Psi Chi, and a sister chapter, Psi Beta. This will involve extra time and mentoring from me, but I choose to do it because it expresses my interests, and caters to the population of students I wish to work with (community college). I feel pretty overwhelmed most of the day. I work on school stuff until 2pm – 4pm, and then take over with the kids from 4pm – 7:30-8pm while making dinner. Then off to bed, and on with the multiple night wakings. I cannot decide which is more stressful, the babies or school, but I fear I am failing both. I only realize how sleep-deprived I am once I start trying to work/read articles/do data analyses or write. Or how distracted I am by work when I start to take care of the babies!

BUT, that is all rapidly changing now. I got my wish, once long ago expressed when we started this blog: Jason’s parents and brother moved here to help us. Grandma has taken over the nanny position, and I got real about how much help I actually needed,  and increased the hours. At the moment brother and Grandpa help all day, too. They recently found a house nearby, and will be living just 20 mins. away! Most important to me is that the babies will grow up with one set of grandparents by their sides. I have found good help in the past, but nothing compares to the grandparents. They quickly bonded with each child in a special way. We are very thankful and very lucky to have them here!

***At the request of a couple readers, my next post will be on baby gear must haves!


  • Jennifer Fountain says:

    Way to go, mama! You can only do so much. :) Actually, I have no idea how you do what you do. You amaze me!!!! Did you see my fb status about teething/molars? Ayyyyy! :o/

    • Esther says:

      I did Jen. I hope yours don’t disturb the babies as much as ours did!! :) I’m not looking forward to the last molars coming in! :)

      • Jennifer Fountain says:

        Just saw this! I have one whose first molars are coming in and the other two have all four in (just not all the way up and out yet). I’m hoping for a breather before the 2yr molarsssssssss!

  • drawing? (after dr asked me same thing), we’ve tried a few times. Today we tried w/ crayons on a 9’x4′ (feet, not inches) sheet of butcher paper. W/ paper that big, they can’t miss, right? No. They have no interest in coloring/drawing.
    speaking? mine still barely say mom (more like ‘mmm’ with a breath for ‘o’, then back to ‘mmm’)
    And reading? I have had sucess getting 2/3 interested in my reading, but not 3 since they grew out of bouncy seats. Tonight, 1 was good listener, 2 floated in/out for a page here & there. I gave up on all 3 at once & am pleased when 1 sits thru an entire story!
    everything else – hang in there & think of the things they’re doing great with (walking, eating…)! :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, what is up with the drawing? I also have a 16 month old, and, after I saw “scribbling” listed on our pediatrician’s handout about skills that should be developed by 15 months, I tried it. Crayons and a big sheet of easel paper taped to our coffee table. He DID scribble, but it kept him entertained for all of….oh, 1 minute, maybe? During which time he also managed to bite the tip off of the green crayon (which I then had to fish out of his mouth) and scribble on the table, all while I was sitting right there. And he also seemed to have more fun trying to put the crayons back in their box than actually coloring with them. So….you’re right, don’t waste your time yet! Don’t think I would have dared try it with three.

  • Thank you for your blog! I am 10 weeks pregnant with triplets. My husband and I weren’t planning on having a baby for a couple more years, I was on birth control. And no multiples of any kind run on either side of our families. We were in shock when we found out, but we are very excited!!

    • Esther says:

      That sounds very similar to our story! (Except we had only known each other 6 weeks before I conceived, and married when I was 14 weeks along.) I think it’s particularity hard when you are not planning for a baby at all, and are not ready. I hope you have lots of help! That is the most important thing!! Good luck and keep me posted! :)

  • I had the same experience at my 15 mth appt – how are they doing with utensils? I looked at them like, why on earth would I give them utensils for all the same reasons you said.
    I have 2 boys and a girl triplets as well, they are 17 months tomorrow:)

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