Best elliptical machine for home use

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After tons of research, I found the best elliptical machine on the market for home use: Very stable, great ergonomics (for going backwards and forwards, and working upper and lower body), 20 inch stride, 20 levels of power incline and resistance, 11 programs, and a USB stick that allows you to save and track your progress via the website.

As a new triplet mom and full-time PhD student, I have no time for the gym, yet I quickly learned that stroller walks and yoga videos were not going to last. Pushing the triplets around in the triple jogger hurt my wrists, and even in southern California the weather played a big role in getting out. I just hated the yoga videos; they are nothing like the classes. I also realized I couldn’t resume my 5-year gym membership at LA fitness after the babies were born (and I certainly wouldn’t be an aerobics instructor again anytime soon). Although LA fitness offers childcare, it was too exhausting and time-consuming to get us all there and back, and let’s face it – I can’t even get them out of the car and into the building alone (the door is not wide enough for the triple side-by-side stroller). After a year of virtually ignoring my health, I finally started looking for a realistic solution to keep me in shape.

It took me over a year before I decided to invest in an elliptical, the Livestrong 10.E. This was not my first time purchasing an elliptical for home use, so I knew I was in for a difficult decision. For months I researched; I read every review and then went to 3 sporting goods stores and tested out all machines that seemed acceptable. (This is key when you consider that once you have it, it is impossibly hard to return.) I was looking for something I could easily built at home (i.e., well-made), was very stable (none of that wobbly, knocking stuff), had at least a year warranty on all parts and service, and mimicked the machines I’ve used at the gym, but was NOT overpriced. These requirements drastically limited my choices, and I finally decided on the  Livestrong 10.E.

I’ve had a good month of everyday use (30-45 mins each day) before writing this review, and I could not be happier. I like it MORE than many machines I’ve used at the gym, mostly because the ergonomics are truly fantastic!

Still, it was the things I didn’t realize about having a home elliptical that have made me the most happy with this purchase, including:

1. I can jump on and off, whenever I want, meaning I can split up my workouts if I want (and some research suggests this is ideal for weight loss). Going to the gym everyday takes a lot of planning, so you can only do it once.

2. I work out in my FLIP FLOPS and other attire (or lack thereof), that I would never get away with at the gym. No more need to buy “gym clothes.”

3. It’s awesome to jump into the shower immediately after a workout.

4. I’m not spending money on gas or bottles of water at the gym.

5. I have a huge industrial fan all to myself, keeping me cooler than at the gym.

6. I planted the elliptical in our bedroom, right in front of the TV, and can watch what I WANT while working out.

7. While on the elliptical, I can do all those crazy arm exercises MINUS the strange stares from others.

8. It really does take less motivation to use when the thing is sitting in your room, and not at the gym.

So far, I am happier than I expected. I only wish I had spent the money on the Livestrong 10.E sooner. After the first 2 weeks, my stomach has shrunken dramatically, and I look forward to working out EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is MY time. Moms need to take care of themselves, but it is very hard to “splurge” on something, even for your own mental and physical health. In the triplet mom world, you hear alot about extreme weight loss diets, belly wraps, or tummy tucks. Although these things will make you thinner, they will do nothing to help your everyday mental state. Working out helps me feel better in addition to helping me get my body back.



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