15 months

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Hello friends and family! I’m sorry for the long, silent departure. It’s been kinda crazy around here. You’ll notice I removed the photo gallery, too. I may post pics on the page here and there, but I decided to limit the baby pics for now. Several of you are fellow triplet moms who have been writing me for years, so if you want to find me on facebook, that would be fine (as long as I recognize you, of course).

Milestones: All babies run! (I think they skipped the walking part.) No one has crawled since 12 months, and so far, only minor injuries have resulted, usually to the head. Multiple times a day, a loud thump is followed by the inevitable, “waaaaaEEEEEEOOOOO!!” Baby bumper cars are frequent: one baby purposefully rams the other, and both fall down. Trust me, it’s funny. Babies climb all couches and chairs, and the occasional baby gate. They all repeat words like, “Mama,” “Dada,” “Hi,” “Yea,” and surprisingly, “Yes.” (I definitely thought it would be “NO!”) The boys have 12 teeth and Emilia has 8 (maybe?)

Finger foods: They feed themselves pieces of toast, scrambled eggs, cheese, beans, veggies, hamburger, fish, pizza, pasta, ect…Whatever it is, I let them try, even when it means the clean-up is nearly impossible. We just have to give them daily baths without exception. Up until last week, I was making purees to ensure they got lots of veggies, tofu, quinoa, chicken, ect…but I graduated to soups this week. We often hear surprise from others when they realize how much the babies will eat. I hope I’m not overfeeding them. (Can you overfeed a 1-year-old?)

We are currently trying to stop calling Emilia her nickname,”Pants.” It was derived from Jason’s nicknames for her: “Missy pants” and “Pretty pants.” I just shortened it to “Pants.” My dad convinced us that the boys would tease her endlessly when they get a little older. I don’t think it’s so bad…I mean, it’s not like we call her “Underwear.” Anyway, I’m having a hard time letting it go, but I’m trying. Emilia. Emilia. EMILIA.

The boys joined forces and now spend their days flipping over every chair, lamp, pack-n-play, tub, toy, ect…in the house. EVERYTHING. Jackson leads, and looks like He-man as he moves through the room, toppling chairs, tubs, and toys. This has been going on for WEEKS, so I finally moved all the chairs in the hallway (behind the gate), and I write this while standing. William, on the other hand, is a master climber. He can climb anything, and does. Not sure how to stop either of them. Is now the time to work on “No”?

Teething seems to be a real unending issue in our house. We had a few solid months (7-11) where the babies rarely woke from their 11-hours-a-night routine. I was smug, like: “YEEE-AAHH! WE did it! Ha, who are all those moms still dealing with night wakings, anyway?” Yeah. Right. Parenting is a very, very humbling experience. I’ve said, “I was wrong” more in the last year than the rest of my life combined.

Anyway, teething started around 12 months, and between Jason and I, we haven’t had more than 2 full nights of rest per week since. The thing about teething is you have to sooth the babies for a really long time after they wake. It’s not like when they were 5 months old and would take a bottle and go back to sleep. No, once up, you can expect 1-3 hours total (throughout the night) of dealing with a very upset child (or children, in our case).

I don’t know if it’s related to teething, but the babies have gotten more difficult, and it seems someone is always whining and screaming. I cannot keep a thought in my head one minute of the day. With all the commotion, my emotions are getting to me. When the 10th temper tantrum of the day comes at 2pm, I struggle to keep my cool. This is yet another thing about parenting I wasn’t prepared for. I need a strategy for dealing with those times – both their emotions and mine.

Jason is working on the 1 year video, so keep checking with us! He’s awesome at making videos, but unfortunately it is a long process, and we have both been very busy, overwhelmed with work, exhausted, crabby, ect. We should probably both commit to a day where we work on our own personal projects (or sleep like 12 hours), and get some extra help. I used to be able to work when the babies were up, but now it’s nearly impossible. Nowadays, if I swipe the floor with a clorox wipe, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.



  • Meri says:

    Hang in there! Exciting language development…that’s the fun part!

  • Anna Culp says:

    Teething takes a lot longer than I anticipated…my 2-yr-4-mo-old is still getting her last tooth (but she doesn’t wake up at night because of it anymore, knock on wood). The natural clove oil teething gel pain reliever helped some. I started time-outs at around age 1…more to give myself a way to deal with my emotional reaction to her negative or dangerous behavior. I tell Alexandra that she will sit (facing the wall or a couch in the room we’re in (or, for extreme screaming we change to a different room or I put her in a different room or the hallway) for a few seconds or up to 2 mins if she’s done something like intentionally/rebelliously sprint toward a parking lot) until she’s calmed down or ready to listen or whatever, but often I need the time to take a few deep breaths to try to be more of a teacher and re-director than a reactionary, impatient yeller. Then, I give her a hug and look her in the eyes to explain simply the what and why of the behavior to modify. I do not always succeed in being a calm, rational adult. Time-outs do not seem to prevent negative behavior from occurring again, but they do shorten tantrums. PREVENTION is the name of the game for 1-yr-olds, I think. And positive reinforcement. And repetition repetition repetition. I’d love to hear more about your teaching/behavior modification experiences.

  • So great to hear from you Esther! I really have missed hearing your family’s news! As always reading it feels like getting a glimpse through a crystal ball. I always wonder how much our family will resemble yours in six months time. As always it sounds full on!

    It’s so good that you got a reprieve before the teething started. 11 months on for us and all 3 triplets have slept through night only three nights. We’ve got a goal for them to do it five consecutive nights and then we celebrate like this:

    Now is absolutely a good time to say “No”! In fact, you should be! Good luck with everything. It’s completely normal to feel at the end of your tether when dealing with full on toddler activity and behaviour, but be brave, and stay consistent. You have enough more than enough love to guide those three cherubs to knowing where the boundaries are. Good luck!

  • Jennifer Fountain says:

    I have checked occasionally for an update and am so happy to hear from you. :o) I’ve been trying to find you on Fb but can’t. Feel free to look up Jennifer Lightfoot Fountain. :o) We are turning one on October 1, so it’s been super fun watching you guys learn first what this is like.

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