3 Car Seats Across One Row

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I’ve had quite a few people ask how we fit 3 car seats (rear facing) into our new 2012 Kia Sportage EX which only has one back row of seats. As many of you already know, it’s all about the seats you use. But, the majority of available “slim seats” are extremely expensive. It’s especially expensive when you need to buy 3 at a time like we have to!

So, I did a bunch of research trying to find seats that were no more than $100 each and would fit comfortably in the new car. After searching I came up with the Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seats. They’re around $100 each, look great, are safe/comfortable, and fit perfectly in the car without the need to slam the doors shut. Take a look at the pictures below to see the car and how the seats fit inside of it.

If you’re in the market for new seats I’d highly suggest checking out the Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seats. Especially if you’re trying to fit 3 car seats in one row. They should fit in just about any standard sized sedan or cross-over SUV since they’re able to fit in our Kia’s back seat.

2012 Kia Sportage EX 2012 Kia Sportage EX 3 Car Seats in One Row Triplets in Car Seats

P.S. If you’re a bit anal like me when it comes to taking care of your car, also check out the Diono Super Mat. It’s an inexpensive car seat protector which will help stop “seat dents and wrinkles” from occurring while you have the car seats installed. So far these mats seem to work well and have done a decent job of protecting our leather seats.


  • Caitlin says:

    Isn’t it a shocker getting the baby out of that middle seat? We still have our bubs in capsules. Over here in Australia you can hire them from the Ambulance until they are six months. They can remain in them until they are 9kg though, so we are about to get our third extension (luckily free of charge) because our heaviest is still only 7.4kg. Sometime soon we are going to have to go searching for two skinny seats though. Already have one seat from the older boys. We’ll have to buy a toddler booster to replace the one that is in use however. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your brand, I really haven’t noticed too many skinny seats here though, ours is a safe and sounds, so I’m expecting to buy two more, but they aren’t cheap!

    • Jason says:

      Yes, the middle seat is a bear ;-) I’m not sure if the seats we are using are only sold in the USA. But, it’s a “major brand” so I’m sure it’s available elsewhere. Good luck!

  • Anita says:

    Thanks for the post!  We’re expecting triplets (spontaneous as well–hence how I found your blog this past winter!) this September and have to figure out a similar set up.  The only difference is that we have a minivan with 5 latch seats but our eldest two are going to get the back row.  So, we have to do a “3 across” arrangement as you have as if we did not even have the van LOL!

    • Jason says:

      Ha! Yeah, definitely need a van for 5 kids. ;-) But, if you need to fit 3 in one row, visit the link in the post or your local Walmart. You can find them for at or under $100 each… Good luck with the upcoming trio!

  • :sigh: I hate putting our middle one in the van. We still pull the infant seats out with them in them. I’m wondering though, if just pulling them out would be a little easier at this point? What do you think? Love the vehicle!
    Hey, are you a part of the FB group of Triplet mommies? There’s almost 900 of us! :o) There’s also a smaller group of trips born in 2010-2011 so it’s been fun just chatting with moms who are right where we are or even a little ahead of us. Anita, if you see this, there’s a group for 2012-born trips, too! :o)

  • Jordan Harmon says:

    Thanks so much for this post. It was nice to see the pictures of the car seats in the car. My little girl is about to transition from her infant seat and I have been doing tons of research to find the best seat for our family. We have a chevy equinox so I was concerned about the seat size, but now I don’t have to worry! I have been reading reviews that this particular seat can be hard to secure in the rear facing position. Did you have any problems with this?

    • Esther says:

      No, not at all! They have been great carseats!

    • Jason says:

      They’re great seats. Affordable too! Rear facing is awkward for all seats. But, these worked well. Now that they’re in front-facing mode, they’re even better. They’re about the slimmest seats I could find for under $100 each. Anything slimmer and you’re paying big bucks…

  • Heather M says:

    How long did these seats last rear facing. I need 3 across. But one forward facing and two dear facing. But not sure age wise how long a child is before needing to be forward facing in the seat.

  • Ashley Burrell says:

    are they all installed with seat belts or anchors ?

    • Jason says:

      Hi. It works with either a car’s existing seat belts or anchors. The seats come with the anchor straps if you choose to go that route…

  • sissaelk says:

    Does a triplet stroller fit in the back of your car? I have a normal Kia (no EX) Sportage and I am really not looking forward to trading in for a minivan…is it a giant hassle to get them in their seats?

    • Jason says:

      Hi. Yes, it does. If you have the same or similar Sportage it’ll fit. It’s a tight squeeze but it can be done. We had a “3-wide” triplet stroller and once collapsed it would fit (barely) in the trunk. Good luck!

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