11.5 Months

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Milestones: Jackson: Barely crawls anymore. Opens the screen door (standing) to let himself in and out, with a step included. Sometimes runs. Chases me around the house, yelling, “Mama!!” Very much a mama’s boy.

Emmy: Crawls as much as she walks. Thoughtfully moves objects to help her get from one place to the next. Methodical and slow, she’s the only one who figured out how to climb up objects, like the couch. I had to move the indoor slide outside because around 10 months she was climbing it and sliding down. Forceful in her expression of displeasure, but totally adorable. Daddy’s favorite.

William: Crawling more than walking, but can walk across a room when he wants to. If assisted while walking, he’ll forcefully sit and pull you down for a hug. Loves to be held, and squeezes and clings the hardest, with the biggest grin. Smiles the most, seems the happiest. Master of the sippy cup, he drinks water. Everyone’s favorite.

Eye color: All green. But I still think they’ll change.

Weight: Emmy: 21lbs, William: 22lbs, Jackson: 23lbs

Sharing: From toys to hugs to bottles, the triplets are getting much better at sharing. If you sit on the floor, all three will come up for hugs at the same time. This was a huge problem in the past, as they would get “jealous,” and the one being held would cry as much as the one who wanted to be held. Now, they avoid each other while getting the attention they want. Two in front and one in back, tugging at hair. They take turns for positions, too. Current baby on the lap rolls off, and the other climbs on. They’re also good at sharing bottles…yes, you heard me right…SHARING BOTTLES. Shocking. I have to separate them when drinking because they’ll give up bottles to one another readily, without complaint. In the past, they would cry if someone took their bottles while eating. Now, they just give it up and move on. Maybe this explains Jackson’s weight gain over the other 2…hmmm…

Finger food…very much behind…ahem… I looked into all the best finger foods, but my kids won’t eat them! They won’t even eat avocados, much less any other veggie. :(  Forget about the cheese, too. I’ve tried leaving plates of finger foods out. They won’t even eat peas, something they love pureed. So, I continue to lag behind, insisting on feeding them pureed organic veggies over sweet crackers they could (and would) feed themselves. Because they’re eating more now than ever, the time I spend feeding them is getting a little consuming. I would love to hear any suggestions for healthy finger foods!

This quarter at school is almost over, but the summer work is about to begin. Although I’m not teaching this summer, I’m employed and therefore working full-time. It’s GREAT work, and 100% beneficial to my career. I’ll be writing 2 more papers for publication, co-authored with my advisor. I plan to use the funding for a babysitter, so I can work uninterrupted for once!

The babies turn 1 on the 10th!!!! Obviously, Jason and I are celebrating as much as the babies will be!!

To have made it a whole year together with triplets…

Well, we decided to do something really, really special. Both of us being from the midwest, we never got to see the ocean. So, for the babies’ first birthday, they will experience the ocean. We are staying in a condo on Coronado island, (off San Diego) for 2 nights (the 10th and 11th). The condo is across the street from the beach (and the Del), with a separate bedroom and 3 cribs for the babies! The babies have never slept anywhere but home, so this should be interesting. We are brave, brave souls. If anyone would like to come hang out with us, let us know. I’m pretty sure we could use and extra set or two of hands on the beach, especially with these walkers!


  • Meri says:

    Ahhh…have fun at the beach! Happy birthday little ones! As for finger foods…try really ripened, peeled pears. That was one of my kids favorites. Have you tried black beans yet? That was another favorite.

  • JP says:

    You haven’t taken them to the beach yet and you live in SD?! Just a heads up I took mine at 8mo and then again at 19mo and both times they freaked out when they touched the sand. So instead of sitting there worried for an hour or more like I did that you’ve made the biggest mistake taking them there, just enjoy the time you have until they get brave enough to step off the beach blanket because there is no relaxing after that! 

    On the food note I too was very paranoid about finger foods and waited a long time to introduce them. I was pretty strict about giving them mostly veggies at the beginning but never got them to eat them as finger foods, even now I have to either puree them or cook it into stuff so they don’t notice them (although they love fruit so I don’t worry too much about them hating veggies it must just come later in life). Pretty soon milk will make up less and less of their diet, not because they’ll drink less but because they’ll need so much more. Veggies just won’t cut it and you’ll have to balance them with carbs and protiens. It is so tricky knowing what to give them and when, for example wheat, if you give it to them too early it could make them gluten intolerant and if you give it to them too late it can also make them gluten intolerant. And don’t get me started on pb I never found a consistent time of when you are supposed to introduce it! You probably already have a good book on the matter but I really liked Super Babyfood, a book I got from another mom. Off the top of my head, good finger foods: tofu, beans, cheddar cheese, blue berries, little pieces of toast, white rice (plain or any way you want to make it, but not brown too tough for them to chew), cherrios, rice/corn chex, ritz like crackers (I’m sure TJ’s has lots of healthy alternatives), Earth’s Best makes lots of good stuff all organic but a bit pricey. Anyways hope that helps!

    • Esther says:

      actually Janet, this helps a lot!!!!! I’m going to get that book, too, right now off amazon!

      We live 11/2 hours from the beach, and we wanted to save it for their first birthday. If they hate it (after all this effort), I’d probably laugh, like, of course!!

      • Meri says:

         If they don’t like the actual beach there’s lots of parks along the coast…we always took ours to the grassy area above the beach at Del Mar. I’m certain you’ll find lots to do there!

  • Julie3SD says:

    I worry a lot with finger foods.  But I sample what I’m about to give them – if I end up using teeth vs only tongue, its too much.  What they do eat isn’t enough for nutrition but for practice (they play w/ finger food, then I spoon the puree/mash).  We’ve done: shredded cheese (cheddar & mozarella), bananna (sometimes rolled in organic corn flake crumbs for better grip), peaches, salmon bits, brocolli tops (stems too worriesome for me), mashed peas (hand sort) & other super soft veggies (ie overcook some carrots until melt in mouth).  Everything is tiny pieces, which I feel safer about, but very hard for them to pick up.  If I have a choice of shape I do longer vs rounder pieces. 
    When I get around to it, I’ll try giving them baked oatmeal w/ fruit (like a muffin/bar) & bananna bread.
    Good luck.

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