1 year!

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Milestones: All babies walk, only rarely crawling. Emilia and Jackson say “Mama” all day long.

For their birthday, we did 2 nights on Coronado island, across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado. It was our first time away for more than 3 hours. They did extremely well, and slept 9-10 hours each night. Naps were tougher, but they happened. Please check out our photos to see the first year pics!

A Few Hiccups:

The Coronado Beach Resort said they would provide 3 cribs, and so I booked the room. I called early the morning of our arrival (confirmed: 3 cribs), and AGAIN 1 hour prior to arrival to make certain they would be in the room. At that point, they told me they only had 2 cribs. I said, “Ok…I will stop and buy a 3rd. Will the other 2 be in the room, please?” Answer: “Yes, absolutely. We’re so sorry.” When we checked in, the remaining 2 cribs were not in the room. When I called down they said, “Sorry we don’t have any cribs for you.” Not to complain, but this place was ridiculously expensive, especially after I called to confirm the cribs multiple times, including 8am that very morning to hear, “Yes, we have 3 cribs for your triplets.” I was most bothered by the fact that they weren’t honest with us from the get-go, and didn’t care how it would affect us, or the tremendous amount of money we spent. They did eventually provide 2 of the 3 cribs guaranteed to us, but over an hour after our arrival, past the babies’ nap time. To make up for it, the front desk offered to clean the room the 2nd day (because apparently they don’t do that on a daily basis), but it never happened.

The Good Times:

The condo was really great; the babies slept in the master bedroom (in the cribs, a.k.a., pack-n-plays), and we slept on the pull-out couch in the living room. The walls were thick, and the babies were not disturbed. We drove 2 vehicles for our 2 night stay (we were really only there about 1 day 1/2). Our BABY supplies included 3 strollers, 3 feeding chairs, 30 jars of baby food, 2 large cans of formula, 6 bottles, 12 changes of clothes, 30 diapers, 7 blankets, a couple bags of beach toys, plus the babies’ cd player that’s been playing, “the ocean” since birth (thanks, mom). I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a few things…

The bathroom had a huge jacuzzi tub, very nice. It was easy to get around, as the Coronado Beach Resort is in the best location, next to the Del. We spent our days walking around, and talking about how we would live there one day, while eating with the babies at restaurants and hanging on the beach in the late afternoons. The babies LOVED the beach. Lots of sand-eating, regretfully, but more smiles than I have ever seen. Jackson had to be monitored full-time as he kept running into the ocean! William, his identical twin, was the opposite, which very much surprised me. He wouldn’t touch the water without fully gripping someone. Even Emmy, our slow and cautious baby, was more willing than William to experiment with the water.

We were lucky enough to have all the family in the state (Jason’s sister, and my cousin, his wife and their child) join us on the actual date of the birthday.¬†Check out the pics!

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  • Caitlin says:

    ADORABLE photos! Some great family pictures there too! I love the owl shirts! My triplets have a bit of an owl thing going on in their nursery, so my owl radar went off when I saw them! It was a super idea to go away to celebrate their birthday. I’ve been really focussed on going away alone with Alex for a weekend once the triplets are weaned. Maybe we should consider doing a birthday celebration weekend away too! Although, maybe I’ll make sure I’ll organise my own cots. That situation was ridiculous! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous triplets!¬†

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