10 months

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Milestones: Emilia is on the verge of walking. She gets around the house holding on to things, and can take a step by herself and also stand a bit before falling. I think if I had more time to spend with her alone, she would be walking by now. My older sister was also a very early walker – 9 months. After that, my mom discouraged me from walking too soon…haha! William and Jackson also pull themselves up, and William cruises almost as well as Emilia. All 3 can go from standing to sitting. This is a great recent development because Jackson was driving me crazy, screaming, refusing to sit on his own. Finally one day he did it (about 3 weeks after the other 2), and he’s much happier with the ability to pull himself up, sit back down, and crawl around. Emmy has 5 teeth and the boys have 8 each.

Emmy’s going through a night waking stage. Not sure if it’s teething. She usually wakes twice (maybe 12am and 4am), and we end up feeding and changing her. This is compounded by the fact that she is the worst sleeper; For months, she has been the first to wake from naps, and always the earliest riser. She probably averages 13 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, whereas the boys average more like 15.

My sleeping issues are back full-force. I’ve learned insomnia is common among triplet moms, I don’t know why. When Emmy wakes, it’s rare I can fall back to sleep in fewer than 2-3 hours. After she woke at 3:30am last night, I tossed and turned (luckily Jason can sleep through my restlessness) until 5:30, at which point I decided I was wasting time, lying there thinking about my research, my classes, students, and on, and on…when I could be getting stuff done. Still, unless I get up very early (like 4am), I never get time to myself. When I get up, it ends up being very enjoyable. I can actually hear the news while I work, and my attention is divided 2 ways, instead of 4, so I’m more productive.

I try to keep the kids within the “normal” range of development, but sometimes I lag behind. Like the finger foods. I can’t do it. Is there a benefit to encouraging them to eat finger foods? I mean, it’s not like they will forever be behind in their abilities to hold  carrots, right? I’m terrified of choking, and besides, they won’t eat the good stuff – just crap I’d rather not give them. Of course, they’ll eat anything in baby food. I’d rather have then eating purred broccoli instead of cheerios they can feed to themselves. Yes, it is more work for me…

Even with 3 babies, I’m no expert; quite the opposite. When I make a mistake, it’s three-fold. With one at a time, mistakes you make on the first one are buffered by extra attention, and fewer mistakes are exchanged for less attention as more babies arrive. It just doesn’t work that way with first-born babies who happen to be triplets. You make mistakes, and you can not buffer them by more attention. I worry about my mistakes constantly.

The boys play very well together, and Emilia, not as well, but she’s getting better. Observing closely, I notice the ID boys give up toys to each other and Emmy, but not vice versa. The obvious theory is that the boys have been sharing a very tight space since birth, working together to survive since conception, so it’s only natural they share well. Emmy (who had her own sac), had no idea about other babies, and never fought for space. Now born, she gets super-frustrated when it comes to sharing. People have actually used the word “bully,” or “pushy,” to describe Emmy. I think they’re wrong; it’s because they compare her to the relationship the IDs have, which is succinct and harmonious. Also, the boys are the same sex! If you compare the IDs and Emmy, it’s easy to conclude she is difficult. In actuality, she acts just like any other singleton (who doesn’t get enough attention).

Jason quit his full-time, away-from-home job and went back to his full-time, work-from-home job. Clearly the right decision, but something we couldn’t predict at the time.  The surprise pregnancy panicked us, and Jason decided to go back to a “stable” job with benefits. Turns out, the benefits weren’t worth the cost of gas and a nanny, no where near it (they quoted us at $800 a month for health and dental). Now we save around $2300 a month in gas and a nanny. Jason’s clients continue to provide him a steady stream of work and he watches the babies while I’m at school. We can easily maintain as long as Jason continues to get enough work (anyone looking for a great front-end web developer: www.squareorangellc.com). Most importantly, I see the close relationship developing between him and the babies, and as the the commercial suggests, it’s “priceless.



  • Dearest esther… make them pick up the broccoli. <3 ashley.

  • Meri says:

    It will be messy eating for awhile! Lots of food throwing which is why I’ve always been happy we have a dog! :-)

  • Julie3SD says:

    I tried an “organic O’s” cereal, but had to go to real Cheerios, as the organic ones were to hard/scratchy and they gagged when I fed them to them.  Now w/ real C’s I put a few on their trays & let them practice picking up.  I don’t think they actually get any in their mouths, but its good practice & keeps them entertained while I make breakfast.  I relax a bit & let them do messy stuff on bath night.

    • Esther says:

      ugh…I’m unrealistically paranoid of choking. I can’t leave them (I know it’s ok), so I sit there anyway, watching them get food everywhere…and then the cleanup…ugh. Then I have to spoon-feed them anyway because they won’t eat the stuff I want them to (tofu, broccoli, carrots, ect…). I do give them mum-mums when we go out to eat with them once a week (this is terrible of me) because I won’t be cleaning it up, I’m sitting right there, and they need the entertainment in restaurants. 

      • You…take them to restaurants??? I am so impressed! You’re so brave! :))) What are mum mums?

        • Esther says:

          they’re little wafers that dissolve in their mouths. Yes, every week, we take them out. Does us as good as it does them…we all look forward to it every week!!

          • Wow! Ours are 6.5 months. I can’t imagine going out with them yet. When did you first take them out? I am sooooooo impressed! :)

          • Esther says:

            We waited until around 8 months. Hopefully you follow the eat-play-nap routine. If so, immediately feed them after nap (solids too), and leave. You have about an hour tops before they get fussy. Once at the restaurant, keep spoon feeding, and give them mum-mums. It keeps them occupied the entire time. In total, we can’t make it more than 30-45 mins tops once seated. At 8 months they could sit in the high chairs and we spoon feed them between our own bites. Any earlier and they would have been too fussy. But we both highly, highly recommend doing it!!!

  • Kim says:

    Hey Esther I think it may be the name Emelia (our spelling) people call Moo Pushy Bossy etc etc, I like to think of her as knowing what she wants and being able to achieve it, I call it CONFIDENCE.  Moo was always labelled as Triplet 1 so the oldest, the biggest born which is a little amusing in our house as we have 2 eldest children (Harry is 2 years older) so I think we have a little of the eldest child syndrome happening.  As for inutero ours were GGB Fraternal and sometimes they come out with things we’ve never discussed with anyone so they would have no literal knowledge of these events but they are quite descriptive about what happened and Stella and Jack were quite inseperable when little and they spent quite a bit of time together inutero whereas Emelia was head down, Jack and Stella seemingly share much easier whereas Emelia needs her own space (and own boobs she used to hit the other on the head when feeding).  I wouldn’t too much worry about it, a girlfriend and I were discussing children being egocentric up until they have children themselves (he hee).  I was the same about choking as we were 70km from the nearest Town, apples are my issue.  Goodluck you are doing a fantastic job and Jason enjoy the time with your kids xo Kim

  • Fraziertriplets says:


    I see in your pictures you got a choo choo wagon.  What do you think?  Do you like it more than a stroller.  I am not sure we should get one for the triplets.  Can you only go slow in it?  Is it ok for taller folks?  Your little ones are so beautiful.  I hope you all are well.  Boy it is so much work taking care of three babies.  It is wonderful, I love looking forward a few months.  Take care! 

    • Esther says:

      It looks like you are doing great, Kari! I’m glad you asked about the choo-choo…I would say it was a bad purchase for us. It is only ONLY useful if you take them to a zoo. You will never cart them around the store in the thing, or take them for walks because it is too difficult to pull and hurts the back. We ended up buy a triple  side-by-side on CL that we use everyday for walks. I would not recommend the choo-choo. Also, a lot of triplet moms buy the quad stroller (we use a single and double for doc appoints and stores), you can find them CL, too. I would go that route! I need to lose weight, so the triple jogger is great to get me walking!

      • Fraziertriplets says:

        Hi Esther,
        Thanks so much for the info on the choo choo wagon.  I know now it would not be good for us.  The triplet table is great. A local triplet mom gave it to us.  We make our baby food too and if I set anything on the table the babies grab it.  I usually put all the different foods on a plate and grab another chair to set it on.  I love our triplet stroller that is side by side, I hate the peg perego triplet.  It is too big and our little ones in the back can’t see anything.  I love reading your blog to see what is up next for our little ones.  Take care!

    • Esther says:

      also, buy a triplet table, not the space savers or high chairs. Trust me on this one!

      • sooooooooooo funny! i’m a part of a group of triplet MoMs on Fb and so many of them seems to love the ChooChoo! :) and the space saver high chairs! it cracks me up how one mama loves one thing and another loves another. :) i was just telling my hubby this weekend that i wanted a ChooChoo for their birthdays and we have the space savers in our closet ready for solid foods time. haha! :)

        • Esther says:

          yes, that’s exactly why I bought those too, everyone raved about them. A triplet table would have been much less hassle than the chairs – my husband is building it. Also, another annoying thing is that you have to hold the bowls of food – there’s no place to set them and scoop from. Both my husband and I, after 1 walk with the choo-choo had lower back pain. We walk with the babies for our own exercise, and the choo-choo is no good for that. I can only seeing it being good for leisurely trips to a park or zoo. I would never, never take them to the store or doc. It’s way too big. :) The choo-choo hasn’t moved since we bought the triple jogger. :)

          • What do you mean by having to hold the bowls of food? I’m not following you…def don’t want to take them out of the boxes, yet!!! :(

          • Esther says:

            well, we make the food and it’s usually in bowls. You can’t set them down in front of you when you feed all three because they have separate trays, and they will grab the bowls. You end up needing another separate surface for bowls, a washcloths, spoon, ect…I don’t know if they can reach the bowls on the triplet table too, though, maybe. It’s just annoying to hold them and spoon-feed 3 times a day. :)

          • Goooooooooootcha! Ok, thanks for the advice!!!

  • Laura A says:

    Hi Ester!  On the subject of finger foods, we started the kids with organic puffs…they melt in their mouths.  I started that around 10 months because I had the same fears.  We then moved to bananas, potatoes, watermelon (in small pieces), and kiwi.  It was a SLOW process but we finally moved finger foods to twice a day and tried to “expand” the menu.  Now Zeina only eats finger foods…..so scary for me, but I know all kids go through it!  The boys are still enjoying the purees!  

    Puffs are the go to food for us when we go to restaurants (also at least once/wk).

    I’m also on the fence about the cho cho wagon…we use the tandem triplet stroller (it is my “limo”).  It surprises people that it is actually a triplet stroller, it goes everywhere with me.  My triplet friends are trying to convince me to get the wagon, but I LOVE my stroller.  I’m still debating about it….thanks for giving your advice about it…I feel the same way about it and I don’t own it.  

    • Esther says:

      yes, the wagon and space savers were my worst purchases. I wish I could trade it all for a triplet table!! haha!

      • Meri says:

        Give the Choo Choo time…you might like it more later down the line. We didn’t even start using ours until the kids were a little over one years old. They started hating the stroller which happens with some kids past one. I’ve never used it for grocery stores or things like that. You are right about the back. It isn’t a wise choice for exercise (despite what I do :-)), but really great when you start going out on excursions more often. Zoo, beach, lake, etc. Don’t sell it! Keep it until they are a little older, you may change your mind.

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