9 months

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Milestones: All babies started holding their bottles independently w/o props last month. Everyone is down to 2 naps and 3 bottles a day. Emilia is the most curious baby. William loves people, and to be held; when you pick him up, he attaches himself to you like a tick. Jackson has the best…lungs. All babies are crawling. Emilia and William pull themselves up on everything.

A typical shift looks like this: bottle + solids, lasting about an hour. After cleanup, babies start cruising. Jackson mostly sits unassisted while chewing on various toys, and either he or William insist I hold them while watching their siblings. Emilia immediately figures out the most dangerous things to do, like finding cords, investigating the fireplace and outlets, or getting herself stuck under the couch. As I type, Emmy just moved the tubs surrounding the TV, going after the karaoke mics. William’s cruising down the hallway (he’s FAST), while whining and acting helpless and looking for me, and Jackson is doing the same, but shouting from his sitting position, as though he were glued to the spot.

I gave in and bought the best baby gates available. Now Emilia just hangs by the bars, pacing back and forth, looking like a prisoner. She also does this in her crib; every morning I find her standing there, still not tall enough to look over the top, but screaming at me and stuffing her face as best she can between the slates.

Jason errs on the side of caution, and I, the side of…less caution. We generally meet in the middle, and learn a lot from each other. One day he surprised me and said, “Let’s take the babies out to eat.” I was up and ready in 5 mins, totally thrilled! Of course, he was shocked when I let them sample my mashed potatoes, and the next time (gasp!) a french fry. Soon, Jason started offering the pickle and fries too. Another success for the 2 of us handling 3 babies.

Other than those special times we go out, I give them the best nourishment possible, something I can provide for all 3, equally. I’m probably going overboard, but I’ll never get over the guilt of the first 6 months – all the crying-it-out, not being able to breastfeed or even demand feed w/bottles, hold them enough, ect.. At least now I am able to give them the healthiest things out there – tofu, legumes, quinoa, salmon, chicken and other high-protein selections. These are mixed primary with greens, namely spinach and broccoli. Carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes and corn serve as extras, generally added for flavor. Jason was skeptical at first, but I pushed, making sure the babies advanced far beyond bananas and sweet potatoes. Jason eventually got on board when he saw they would indeed eat this stuff. This week he brought home fresh organic wheatgrass for the babies, and instructed me to just shave off the tops and blend w/everything else. Huh! To me, diet is every bit as important for mental development as everything else (i.e., reading to babies, playing with them, exposing them to other kids/babies, teaching them language). How is quinoa or tofu different from bananas or cherrios to a baby anyway? Yes, I hide the less tasty stuff in more delicious options, but they eat what I’m serving, always.

We’re doing So. Much. Better. As though it were a trauma, Jason and I don’t think back to times before 4 months of the babies’ births, an all-too-common sentiment among triplet moms. The absolute certainty the babies are not being taken care of ideally made the experience dreadful and guilt-ridden, hallmarked by an overall sense of helplessness. We felt like utter failures every single day. In addition, the sleep deprivation, fear, total cluelessness and unpreparedness of having a baby (much less 3), nearly killed us. I am not the first triplet mom to say this (by far), and I sure won’t be the last. I think it’s safe to say those difficult days are far behind us now. Both of us can handle chasing after babies all day, in fact, we thrive on it.


  • Anna Culp says:

    I hope the guilt fades away! You guys did your best and your babies know it. But I imagine it’s good to be honest about that for other parents of multiples to feel like they’re not alone. I can’t believe they’re so old already! This sounds like a fun stage. I loved this age with Alexandra.

  • Happy Heart says:

    Oh wow! I’m loving the tone of this post because it really does sound like you are getting on top of things at last. I totally agree with introuducing babies to a wide range of tastes. I’m sure you are setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating and healthy living.

    I must say though – with my triplets still going no further than they can roll, I am dreading the three crawling babies experience, not as much as I’m dreading the three walking toddlers who run at random frequently. God give me strength. At least, I hope, I shouldn’t be as sleep deprived to deal with it…!

  • Fraziertriplets says:

    So good to read your posts and see how your trio is doing.  I love seeing where your little ones are and anticipating where mine are headed.  All the best to you guys.

  • Meri says:

    I loved the time frame between 8 to 18 months. It’s really a great stage- enjoy it!

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