8 months

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Milestones: Emilia is crawling now (since 29 weeks), army style!! Emmy was the last baby (by over a month) to roll over. Now she’s the only one who crawls. William is the biggest hugger, really gripping and clinging, insisting to be held all day long (he switched with Jackson, typical). Jason finally admits that it seems like all 3 babies say, “mama.” All babies hold their bottles, but William is by far the best. The boys each have 6 teeth (the same six, of course), and Emilia has 2 teeth. All babies weight about 20 lbs (oh, the back pain).

William (Mr. Hug’s brother) is now nicknamed “Mr. Grips” or “Klinger” or “Klingon.”  Both Jason and I settled on “Yemmy pants” for Emilia. It’s the only “name” she responds to anymore. Jackson is called, “Birdman” because he rolls his tongue and screams like a pterodactyl (I have footage to prove it).

So the boys switched up on me again. It was Jackson (a.k.a. Mr. Hugs), who originally did all the clinging – now William beats him by a long shot. Emilia still cries to be picked up, but we have yet to get an actual hug out of her. She sticks her arms and legs straight out, making a cross. You have to force her to sit instead of stand…on her tiptoes…Very strange. Everyone still has green eyes, but Emilia’s look different. I think they’ll go brown.

We’re making organic baby food. It’s sooo easy, and we save about $5 a day. Simply steam veggies and fruits and blend. I add the water used for steaming (filled with additional nutrients) to the blender. I only use frozen stuff  when it’s too difficult to work fresh (peas, corn, green beans, mangos), but the majority, is fresh (carrots, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, peaches, plums, apples, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, ect…). I pour the mixtures into ice cube trays (we have 8) and pop out to defrost when needed. I try to use the baby food within 2 days to keep as much nutritional value as possible. Because of that, I make baby food at least three times a week.

Chronic back pain – upper and lower. Totally sucks. I’ve been saving for an elliptical machine, and I think we’re buying one when we get our tax return!! I’m sooo excited. I used to work out nearly everyday; I absolutely love the gym. Of course, I can’t afford to pay the nanny extra. (She already gets my entire paycheck, and I still spend a good deal of time working while the babies are up.) With the machine here, I can work out when the babies nap!

I’m adjusting to grad school curveballs while caring for the babies. Even with help, I don’t have enough. Things just pop up, without notice, and need to be dealt with immediately. This is particularly annoying when working with procrastinators. I can get things done in a hurry, but it’s really difficult, and my output suffers. My biggest struggle so far is dealing with the “surprise” work. In the past, I could always take time from this or that…now I can’t do that. For example, last week’s 4 day notice to write 32 questions for an exam really threw me. It’s not like I can set babies aside for later and return to them when I’m done.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have decided to teach a subject I’ve never taken (Industrial/Organizational psychology). Not only am I obviously tired, I have trouble answering questions because I don’t know the material well. It’s tough, I’m not gonna lie.

Late nights at school and early mornings with the babies followed by teaching 3 sections in the late afternoon is NOT working for me. Sleep deprivation and mental activity do not mix. I don’t know why babies are so exhausting, but even my students make comments about how tired I look. Sigh. If they only knew how discombobulated I am (I think they’re catching on).  I thought kids would make me a better teacher, not worse. Something tells me my winning student evals are a thing of the past. Still, my research hasn’t suffered; I’m more involved and excited about it than ever. Never expected that, either.

About 3 or 4 mornings a week a baby wakes at 4am (ok, Emilia). I can’t function, so I changed their schedule. In my crusade for more sleep, babies are kept up until 8pm so they’ll sleep longer in the morning. Also, I nailed old dark curtains over their window so it’s PITCH BLACK. So far, I’ve seen improvement. Getting 5-6 hours of sleep nights before teaching will hopefully make a tremendous difference the next day. I might have a rough quarter, drop the ball here and there, but I’ll get through it. One good thing about being back in school is that I shower more than twice a week. :)

Jason would help more, but he’s just as busy as I am. He’s gone 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. Then he moonlights every night and weekend, so basically 2 full time jobs to make ends meet. He’s also in charge of all the extra projects that come up, like dealing with the 2 of us being employers, taxes, all the bills, ect…We have no time for each other, it’s absolutely crazy how busy we both are. We need a vacation…no…we need a honeymoon!!!

I’ll update with photos soon!


  • Grandma Pam says:

    Perhaps you can get the nanny and try to take a mental health break, just to relax, for a few hours a week.  I realize this sounds crazy when you are sleep deprived, but it might help.

  • Laura says:

    You are truly a super mom! 

  • JulieSD3 says:

    I think the YMCA might have free babysitting for members while you work out (kids must be 6mo)!  Not to throw a wrench in plans, but you can wait for a time/deal when they have no joining fee.  Also might have a sliding scale depending on family size if you need to add the kids (ie for swimming)

  • Meri says:

    It’s hard. You guys are doing awsome with very challenging time management issues. It will get easier as you go!

  • Jennifer Fountain says:

    I am so impressed. My husband and I had spontaneous triplets in October so we’re about 3 months behind y’all. I have been reading your blog since before they were born. I know how hard it is – so impressed you carried so long!! :) I update my blog from time to time: http://www.fountainfamilyblog.com

  • Happy Heart says:

    Hi Esther! Lovely as always to read your update. As for teaching. Man, you are doing well! I’ve had a few hours work. It was like a holiday. But to do it constantly, I can understand how that is really tough. Look forward to hearing about 9 months. Caitlin

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