7 months

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Milestones: Emilia is practically crawling. She does an army crawl/roll that gets her all over the house. She has a  strong focus and determination with objects – she sees them, goes towards them, manipulates them, explores, and conquers. She understands commands like “hands up” and, “come to mommy.” It seems like William “talks.” Jackson still holds my attention most frequently.

So, onto the sign language. Anything that promotes communication between me and the babies makes me feel so much closer to them.

I’m back in school full time, meaning I’m teaching undergrads (3 sections), running 2 research studies, and taking classes. I REALLY struggled in my first year of grad school. To me, nothing was more difficult than a research-based PhD program…I was wrong..haha! The program is a HUGE privilege, and not so impossible after triplets! I have A LOT to learn, (especially about statistics), but my confidence increased and my anxiety decreased. I feel competent.

The time away from the babies makes me enjoy them more. The time I spend at school makes me appreciate how awesome it is to have both a family and a career. Of course, often I double my workload; I’ve never worked so hard in my LIFE!!  All in all, I’m doing better in school, and better as a mother.


  • thats cool esther and its cool thta emmy is crawing now

  • Txg90005e says:

    Awesome!  Being able to communicate is so exciting; I can’t wait to see you all in 11 days>

  • Caitlin says:

    And so it begins! A crawling baby! Excitement plus! Look forward to hearing when the boys join Emilia. It’s great to hear that you are filling so fulfilled by returning to work. It sounds like you are the classic example of a mother who does the best for her children by working. You need the outlet, and the triplets need a happy Mummy who can focus on them without resentment. Opposites attract obviously! I’m a mother who does better (at this point in my life) by being a stay at home Mum. I expect I’ll know it when I return to full time/regular part time work. Well done. I’m sure your hard work will continue to pay divedends in your life and family.

    • Esther says:

      yes, I was losing my mind caring for them 7 days a week (as jason works on the weekends, too). I enjoy them much more now, and the same goes for school. I definitely don’t feel pulled in 2 directions, as I thought I would. 

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