Personality – 27 weeks

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Personality: I hate to dub their personalities already, but there’s no denying the differences among babies.

At the moment, Jackson could be described as the ring leader. He’s the reason wake times, meals, and naps begin. Every single morning, Jackson shouts to get up, stirring me and the other two (who would otherwise wait patiently). Everyone knows how Jackson feels; he yells whereas the others “talk.” His needs and desires are undoubtable. People often describe him as “bossy.” I never say a word about his personality to helpers, but everyone eventually says, “Boy, that Jackson…” as in, “He’s really loud and demanding.” He’s keenly aware of my location at all times, to the point that I sometimes hide from him. He gets “jealous” if I pick up another baby. I tell him he’s already been held, it’s someone else’s turn, but still, he ends up in my arms much more often than the others. Being the only one I held consistently in the hospital, he made himself the first baby bonded to me. As the first who really hugged, Jason nicknamed him, “Mr. Hugs.” He was also the first to scoot across the mat, roll in both directions, sit up, and cut teeth.

Emilia…she looks very “feminine,” but don’t expect her to be your typical girl, especially when she’s intent on something.  She’s skilled with objects, and the only one who cries if her toy is taken (more like ripped  from her hands). Whereas the boys will hold toys gently in their mouths, Emilia will take heads off. She’s intense. Since birth, she often starts out screaming instead of crying, going from silent to piercing in an instant. It really startles me–that unexpected blood-curtling scream. The ONLY way to sooth her is to pick her up. She also has a knack for crying and smiling at the same time. Because she looks so delicate, helpers express surprise at her volatility. She seems very intelligent, and was the first to do many things – smile, laugh, hold her bottle, stand, and most importantly, sleep through the night, months before the boys. Jason nicknamed her, “Missy Pants,” and “Pretty Pants.” I call her, “Emmy,” “Yemmy,” and “Emmy/Yemmy Whemmy.”

William…not a baby of “firsts,” but the most easy-going. Like Jackson, helpers comment on William, usually telling me he’s their favorite. He’s incredibly patient, and a big lover of the spoon. He smiles the most – the biggest smile you ever saw. I see Jackson and Emilia fighting over objects, but never William. He’ll hand them over for the others to play with. He enjoys being next to his siblings, and watching them. He showed an interest in TV and music long before the other two, and gets extremely excited when daddy plays guitar, or both of us sing karaoke to him. Jason says William makes the cutest baby sounds, and I believe he says “mama” most frequently. Jason nicknamed him, “Mr. Hug’s Brother.”



  • Cindy says:

    I absolutely loved reading this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences and observations. 

    Love you, 


  • i love it! can’t wait to see you doing fun piagetian experiements with your kids. :)

    kent and i were saying you should sign the boys up to be in movies since laws require short work days for youngin’s! you can get them started early on paying you back! ;P

    excited to see yall in SD!

  • Danielle says:

    Hi, I found your blog recently and I am a mom of 4 1/2 month triplets. Yours are adorable :-) I think it is amazing how distinct my girls’ personalities are since birth but I also don’t like to pigeon hole them. I can also relate to your post about going out in public and the stares and comments. It made me so anxious at first but I think I am getting used to it a little. Well, I just wanted to say hello and let you know I was a follower. Here is my blog if you are interested:

  • Caitlin says:

    So nice to hear about your little ones personality! What a crew. I’ll enjoy hearing about all the antics as the crew continues to grow!

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