6 months

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Milestones this week: Jackson rolled back to front and cut 2 teeth! Emmy stands, and stands…and stands. She never wants to sit.

Everyone eats about 6 ounces of solids a day: organic rice, veggies, and fruit. I’m patient, so if it takes and hour to get through a jar of peas, so be it. Like formula, organic baby food is extremely expensive. Because we’re not decreasing their formula intake, we’re adding another whooping $150.00 a month to our bills, bringing the grand total to $550.00/month for the babies’ FOOD ALONE.

Of course, our food bills are on the high side because we went organic. Many sources provide free formula, and between the pedi, “multiples” programs, coupons, and/or buying generic, we could’ve cut our costs to a third or quarter of the price. But I insist on organic, and no one gives free or reduced samples of organic anything, unfortuately.

I decided to make my own baby food. Any tips on this would be appreciated. I’m also trying to cut costs in other ways, like changing diapers less often, and never splurging on new outfits.

I lost the 4 hour schedule (it’s about 3 – 3.5); I just can’t let them cry to maintain the schedule. Also, someone ALWAYS wakes around 4:45am, and it’s never the same baby. I tuck the baby back in and he/she usually goes back to sleep until 6am. Of course, I’m up for the day.

Also, I’m relying more and more on the Einstein videos to keep them from crying. They’re bored with all the stations, and even me. They go for stroller walks every other day, eat at least one meal outside and play on a blanket in the sun, but still, it seems like I’m not doing enough to keep them happy! If I turn on an Einstein video, they immediately calm. I don’t know what to do!

Now that they’re 6 months old and I’m busy with school and research, blog posts will be bi-weekly.


  • Caitlin says:

    Well I certainly don’t judge you for utilising Einstein DVD’s! My 2 year old has watched a horrifying amount of TV since I’ve been pregnant with triplets. The current fav is “Brum” and “Little Red Tractor”. Both UK, so don’t suppose you are familiar with them.  I think so long they do get opportunities to do other activities it all balances out in the end. When it’s a concern is when the TV is the only source entertaiment.

    I’ve always made my own baby food. Haven’t gone as far as organics, apart from our own vegie garden harvests, but after being pregnant all year, the vegie garden is empty this season! I’m afraid it’s just a price factor for us. Good on you for making the plunge. I found a book I was given while I was pregnant with my first child to be brilliant. Check out her site. http://www.annabelkarmel.com/ 

  • jessica says:

    This is something that I did as a nanny years ago for a healthy (and wealthy!)  family. We would take organic fruit and puree it  in the food processor., freeze in ice cube trays, and then store in zip locks. The cubes can be taken out when needed and left in bowls to thaw. You could do this with frozen organic corn and peas, peaches, etc. You can just do batch after batch, make a big mess and then pop them in the freezer.
    There is so much scary stuff in food, and babies are so precious, good for you for sticking to your convictions. You can also take organic oatmeal and process it in the blender to make your own instant for the babies. Bananas are fairly cheap. Organic potatoes. Sweet potatoes. Anything soft and pure – voila – baby food!

  • I feel your pain about waking up at 4 a.m.  It’s been almost 3 weeks for me, I miss sleep! 
    I rotate the toys to keep them interested plus once they can sit up, it gets better; they can sit in a circle with toys and just play.

    My little ones are 7 months, so just a month ahead of yours.  

    Best of luck with your research, I admire you! 

  • Natascha says:

    I made my twins’ veggie purees most of the time.  Just steam or boil a batch of veggies until soft (but not losing color), pop into the food processor (I have one by KidCo that is small and works great) with some of the cooking water to make it thin enough (you can reserve it and then adjust as needed).  You can store it in tupperware to use soon, or if you make a big batch freeze it in ice cube trays, store in freezer bags and serve as much as you want later.  With root vegetables, my ped advised not to use the cooking water, I think because of nitrates.  To make prunes, just put the dry prunes into the processor with some very hot water and puree- you can also boil them to rehydrate if you want.  Buy big jars of applesauce or steam or bake and then puree your apples.  I usually just mashed or pureed fresh fruit rather than cooking it. 
    As for Baby Einstein, you do what you have to do!  Do they like music?  It will be easier when they can sit.  Do you have those exersaucers/ jumperoos for them?  My girls loved those and would hang out in them playing for a long time.  Good luck- you are doing so amazing balancing your life! 

  • Just FYI… Similac gave us three cases per baby of Organic formula. :)

  • Yudhi says:

    Hello everyone…just found out this triplets blog, reading this blog reminds me all the things I did for my 3 back couple years ago. You all will be very proud and surprised to see how they grow healthy and happily. My 3 will have their birthday on Dec 22nd, they will be 9 yrs old ! I am a working mother and I always take a day off to celebrate this very special day. Enjoy your 3, your triple blessings..

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