26 weeks

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Milestones: Emilia rolled back to front AND front to back. William rolled back to front (I found him in the crib on his tummy). The boys mastered sitting, and Emmy does well, too, but she eventually falls over whereas the boys won’t. I’ve seen Jackson lie on the boppie before pulling himself into a sitting position.

We’re still suffering from Daylight Saving Time. My only hope is for the next one to come around and fix it!

They’re acting like “triplets.” If one starts crying, the other two look over in curiosity and start as well, for no apparent reason. Same goes for feeding. If one gets a bottle, the other two–otherwise content–start crying for the bottle, even if they’re not hungry.  I never know to respond, hence the schedule. If one eats, all eat. If one naps, all nap. Although some think a schedule solely benefits the parents, that’s simply not true with multiples. Maintaining an ever-changing schedule with infants is much harder than one would expect.

I wish I were a morning person. Instead, I toss and turn all night, finally getting sleepy just about the time the babies wake up. I get up at 5am, 7 days a week…still, I don’t adjust. I seem to be functioning all right, so I guess another 6 months of this is doable. I hear it takes about a year for them to really stop waking during the night–and at 5am.

As much as we spend on formula, baby food, and diapers, our highest baby-induced expenses are the nanny (so I can continue my research, teach, and go to school), and medical bills. The nanny comes a maximum of 17 hours a week, totaling over $800.oo a month. We’ve paid nearly $6,500.00 in medical bills since the babies’ birth, yet I just received a phone call today telling me we still owe another $1,500.00. And I have good insurance!

So, Jason literally works around the clock—2 full-time jobs–to support us. He’s gone at work 11-12 hours a day, and then works every night and every weekend taking jobs through his LLC (www.squareorangellc.com). This helps us afford all the expenses, but it also means neither of us gets free time. Every day is like the day before; there are no weekends, no breaks, no times to relax.

I’m not complaining; WE ARE DOING IT!! I’m extremely impressed with our teamwork. We didn’t give up, pack up, and move home to our parents. One day we’ll look back and wonder how we got through this. For now, heads down, hopes up, and one foot in front of the other…


  • Caitlin says:

    Oh, so they do start acting like ‘triplets’ at one stage. Darn. I thought it was an urban rumour…

    You are doing it, and well! (So glad there is a subsidy in Australia for Nanny’s. Phew! We pay more in Nanny fees, but once we receive a rebate, it’s only a fraction of the original price.)  

    Look forward to hearing the next update. xxx

    • Michelle KT says:

      The magic of multiples.  Yes it happens.  They will finish each others sentences, love each other, fight with each other, defend each other, be the best of friends and the worst of enemies all in 20 seconds.  But most definately they will cry when the other cries! Mine still do.  There is a bond with multiples that only us as their Mum’s have the priveledge of witnessing.  It is like no other.

  • Pam Kocke says:

    It will get better! There will be a time, one day, when having triplets makes your life easier in some ways, not harder. Like when your kids start entertaining each other, so you don’t have to. (Sounds cold, but it’s true.)

  • Michelle KT says:

    Hi Esther, 
    I love having multiples and in many ways having twins has been easier over a singleton . I can see that now 4 years on in hindsight but I didn’t at the time when they were tiny babies. So hang in there.  There are things that are going to be harder.  I really missed the one on one feeding with the twins and many times just was in survival mode and did the ‘processing of the twins’ so to speak.  I think you are doing a great job with your babies. They are adoarable. That schedule is everything. 
    My advice on the costs would be consider cloth nappies.  I started on disposables with my two and switched.  I got Bumgenius organic one size all in ones. (I had mine sent from the US to Australia as it was cheaper than buying them here).  So just like a disposable but you a wash a load of them everyday or two. No more cost of nappies.  I even swapped wipes to cloth.  And the added plus of no nasty chemicals from the nappies and wipes on your babies skin.  It really is easy and worth looking into.    
    Have a wonderful Christmas.  Enjoy!

    • Esther says:

      You know, Michele, you make so much sense. I WILL look into cloth nap pies, thank you.

      • Michelle KT says:

        Forgot to mention if you do go with cloth, buy the snap closure not velcro. Velcro is noisy to sleepy babies but also the velcro wears out over time and doesn’t do up as firm plus the kids can undo velcro easily and take off their nappies when they are a bit older ( that is a  problem with disposables as well).   And that’s the last thing you want. LOL  Also I always still used disposables for night time and going out.  I just found that easier.

  • Angelsmile_1985 says:

    can i ask u a personal Q ??





    • Esther says:

      I couldn’t produce milk (after spending hundreds of dollars on a pump, bra, cream, pads, ect..). I don’t know what that means for the babies long-term (I’m more worried about attachment than immunity). If they get sick, they’ll get better; it’s not the end of the world. Mine seem normal and haven’t been sick. With triplets, you have to lower the bar. It’s just the way it is for most triplet moms.

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