23 weeks

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Milestones this week: If her hands are gripped around something, Emilia stands on her own, minutes at a time. All babies smile and giggle at each other. Today, William leaned over and licked Jackson right on the mouth. Then he started sucking Jackson’s face, but I stopped him. All three SEEM to say “Mama.”

I’m a little concerned with milestones they might be missing. Emmy amazed us with her strength and standing ability, but has yet to roll over. Most babies do so by a max of 6 months, which gives her a week to go. The boys roll constantly, but neither back to front, also usually accomplished by 6 months. I’m told to bring it up to the doc if they don’t roll in a week or so. So, I’m putting extra effort into teaching them how to roll this week.

Daylight saving time really screwed up our schedule. The babies started waking at 5am instead of 6am, and eating every 3 hours or so. During the second week of this, I unintentionally fixed it. I WAS slowly edging wake time to 6am by allowing fussing and crying. One morning (while waiting for the 10 mins to go by), I accidentally fell back to sleep. When I woke again, it was 45 mins later, almost 6:30am. I lept out of bed to find all three still fussing in their cribs, but thankfully not screaming. They moved all over the place; Jackson had his head against the bumper, arms flailing; William was on his side, curled up and eating his blanket; Emmy was sideways w/o her blanket, and started crying HARD when she saw me. With kisses and quick diaper changes, all was forgotten by breakfast. The next day they started getting up at 6am again.

This underlines how far I’ve come. 2 months ago, I could hardly sleep; I always heard crying, even when the babies were sleeping. It drove me crazy. Jason eventually got that way too, both of us saying to the other, “Do you hear that?” or, “Is someone crying?” I went from waking to phantom cries to sleeping through actual cries.

Both Jason and I have lower back pain. I adjusted quickly, but Jason is in rough shape. He can barely tie his shoes in the morning. He’s in such bad shape, I do all the lifting. Sounds like a bad deal, but guess who changes the diapers? I’m looking into better pillows for both of us, but there’s not much we can do. They’re only getting bigger, and it’s not like you can drag them around all day…though tempting.

Many ask how I balance school/work while caring for newborn triplets. It’s not so much talent as a forced lifestyle. Hard work begets working hard. A secret bonus of being a working mom, and working moms are great multitaskers. The key to multitasking is concentration. Think ahead and plan literally EVERY movement. My strategies:

  • Park near cart corrals, not the closest spot to the store. It’s faster to retrieve and discard carts when the corral is next to your VAN.
  • Stock up on clorox wipes and put them everywhere (laundry room, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathrooms). It’s much easier to clean when supplies are available and tossable.
  • Leave cleaning supplies in the shower as well. Wipe down shower when there.
  • Let baby soak and play in bath. Clean bathroom at the same time.
  • When heating up food in the microwave, use those minutes to wipe down the stove and fridge, the most neglected areas.
  • To save water, always use facet for more than one purpose (e.g. soak dishes while cleaning bottles).
  • Never enter a room with only one task in mind. If you go into the kitchen, look around and see what else can be done.
  • Choose stores and gas stations on your side of the road. Otherwise, lose up to 10mins at red lights.
  • Teach babies to nap at the same time, in the same room. Work when they nap (email, clean, ect..).
  • Have a “mother’s helper” come in 10-15 hours a week at minimum wage. To maximize his/her presence, have him/her come BETWEEN babies’ naps. Do not allow this person to clean, but instead, focus only on playing with the babies. Make sure this person takes babies for walks and does baths as well. That way, if you’re having a busy day working you can put the babies in stations knowing they got plenty of attention.


  • Meri says:

    Milestones are great,
     but I found that when they are super focused on one thing- like standing, that’s all they put their energy on. Mine have always been scattered in their milestones but eventually get there!

  • Aurora Dobson says:

    I don’t think you should worry too much when your little ones (who look so cute by the way) are not rolling over in a week. I know plenty of babies which dind’t do this until month seven, or sometimes month eight! They will al eventually do it,  in their own time! Some baby’s do it with four months, some with eight . . .
    I cannot help myzelf smiling when I read you blog, thanks again xxx soon-a-triplet-mama-to-be, Aurora Dobson

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