21 weeks

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Milestones this week: All babies eat pureed fruit once a day, and rice cereal once a day. William is our best eater and sleeper, with the easiest disposition. Everyone sleeps 10 hours a night. I’m almost human again.

In my humble opinion, babies (like adults), do better on a schedule. Sleeping and waking at the same time everyday takes discipline, as does eating at least 3 meals a day (and not skipping breakfast). Most agree that following a routine leads to better functioning. Common sense and logic would expect the same for babies (but, I could be wrong). Also, the schedule keeps everyone sane, and it’s necessary for helpers, always coming and going. I just point to the detailed schedule on the wall, and everyone knows what to do.

We’re now on a 4-hour schedule! In the first few days we only made it 3 1/2 hours, but now we’re up to 4. The babies eat their first bottles at 7am, and their last at 7pm. They each eat about 7 ounces of formula, 4 times a day. Additionally, they eat 2 solid meals a day; pureed fruit and rice cereal. They generally sleep from 8pm to 6:15am, with 1-1 1/2 hour naps at 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. I couldn’t ask for a better schedule, or enjoy the babies more.

The key to our schedule is morning wake time. We changed it from 5am (NO WAY) to 6:15am. I spent many mornings on the floor in the nursery trying to sooth and keep them down, thinking, “I may as well sleep here; he or she will probably wake in a minute.” Miserable, but after a couple weeks, it worked. Of course, we make exceptions; I’m sometimes up at 1am, 3am or 5am with someone.

To help the babies sleep until 6am or so, we keep them up between 6pm and 8pm, doing a final feeding at 7pm. A difficult task as well, but less so after buying a karaoke machine (I sing). Jason took up playing the guitar again, as well. The babies bounce and shout along. We’re a regular Partridge Family.

We need help with daytime activities. Interacting with babies all day is hard; it’s incredibly boring. After 10mins, I often find myself cleaning something. How do people do it with one? Dealing with the same baby…day in, day out….with no variety, well, that must get REALLY boring. I say this baby entertaining business is much more fun with 3.

I mostly got off the Calms Forte. Going to sleep around 10pm and waking at 6am with the occasional night wake is doable. See? Almost human. And it only took 5 months! (Please, I don’t want to hear about nighttime wakings when 3 babies start teething at once. Let me enjoy this while it lasts.)

Eye color: It sets in soon. So far, everyone looks green. Of course, they can still turn brown. We’re placing bets. I think the boys will go green, and Emilia, brown. It depends on grandparents, of course. Multiply across grandparents to determine likely outcomes. Brown is dominate, and any other color is recessive. My mom has brown eyes, my dad, green. Jason’s parents both have green eyes. My mom’s brown with both of Jason’s parents’ green = brown. My dad’s green with both of Jason’s parents’ green = green. That give us 50/50 chance of either green or brown eyes for any baby (of course, the ID twins will have the same color).

The boys look more alike every day. Good thing we bought plenty of nail polish, because we mix them up surprisingly often. It’s a problem, in addition to being a little disturbing. I can’t explain it…even my method of checking ears fails me now and then (ok, once a day). I thought we’d (as the parents) be able to tell them apart easily. I guess not.

I’m fully involved in my research at school. I spent the last week revising a paper for publication, and my international study is taking off. I have 4 sites ready: Singapore, China, Japan, and Germany. 4 other sites are finishing translations, but fully on board! I even skyped with collaborators in China and Japan (a perk of being up occasionally at 3am). Plugging back into work is the best. Talk about human.



  • Anna Culp says:

    yay for feeling human!! you should have onesies with the babies’ first initial on them for a cute way to tell the boys apart. then you just have to know when you dress them. ;)

  • Caitlin says:

    Wow! So much has happened in your household (and mine!) since I last checked in! I’m so happy for you guys that the babies are sleeping through the night! Way to go! You’ve done well, I think if they are sleeping through before 6 months it’s a bonus! So glad to hear you feel human again!

    So glad to hear your comments about schedules. My babies are born now, (Yeee Har!), and they are on a four hourly schedule. So far, so good! (I’m not nearly half as good as you, you did so well blogging in their first weeks!) I have to say, the babies being born at 34 weeks was a good thing, because in the special care nursery they were put on a schedule and it’s been the best thing, and I didn’t even have to do the hard work! The nurses said they would be ready to start demand feeding by the time they came home, to which I firmly denied and said there was no way we were varying from the schedule! Anyway, the next feeding session begins! Once again, Yee har!

    • Esther says:

      Oh Caitlin! I’ve been wondering about you! Congrats on the birth of your babies! I demand fed for the first month (hence, no blogging); everyone in the house almost lost it. That was us, everyone is different, of course! PM me and let me know how you’re doing!! 

  • Adallaire says:

    For us, a consistent wake up time is key. Lots of my friends with singletons just don’t get that and let their baby sleep in as long as they want. I am so so strict with our routine…I know it must drive my friends crazy. But, our house functions much better that way.

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