18 weeks

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Check out the photos section, we’ve added new ones!

Milestones this week: Jackson helicopters around the playmat on his tummy. He’s rolling all the time (front to back only). He also laughed for the first time! Emilia laughed for the first time weeks ago, but I forgot to mention it. :) The shocker of the week is…William! The other night he ate 8 ounces with 3 teaspoons of organic rice cereal for dinner! And he’s rolling front to back all the time as well!

So, back to sleeping.

We’ve had a few good nights here and there, but generally someone wakes… Ok, Jackson wakes. Nighttime crying means 2 things: it must be Jackson, and it must be 3:30am. To make my nights harder, I a) moved everyone into their cribs, and b) put all cribs in the same room. This is standard triplet procedure, (having them all in the same room) because APPARENTLY they learn to sleep through each others’ cries. Haa-haa. (Plus, I need the guest room(s) for all the company we’re expecting in the next few months.) As of right now, Jackson wakes the other two, and no one sleeps because they all take turns crying for the rest of the night. It’s just the nightmare screaming fest I imagined!

I’ve been doing organic rice cereal in the bottles, but it’s not making a difference on the sleeping front. I know others swear by it, but not us. And this week, the babies didn’t care for my soothings at all. Rocking and pacis did nothing to settle them back to sleep. Picking them up and comforting does nothing. After soothing a baby for 20 mins the other night, I decided to just leave, and sure enough, he calmed and fell asleep within a few mins. Huh?? Subsequent nights I stood outside their doors and listened, and sure enough, they settled after crying and fell back to sleep. Same goes for Emmy. She does her usual 5am waking, but goes back to sleep, with maybe a little (or sometimes alot) more crying.

Yeah…if you don’t like crying…I recommend staying somewhere else, or bringing ear plugs. They cry going down for all naps, and bedtime, and in the middle of the night.

2 steps forward, one step back. Or one step forward, two steps back. I don’t do well with slow progress, honestly. No, I don’t miss them as super tiny infants in the first month of life (as everyone told me I would). Thinking back makes me shutter, not wistful. Never once did I enjoy or coo over my babies in their first month of life. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t even blog about it. To explain, well…having triplets is like putting the world on your shoulders and then adding a few months of severe sleep deprivation for good measure. You’ll have times when you think you can’t go on. Positively can’t go on. Jason thought that on day 2. And, yes, it does seem easier when they’re not YOUR babies. Everyone has an answer, but not a clue.

I’m finally sleeping from 9 or 10pm to 3 or 4am. True, I’m never tired at 9pm, so I’ve been reduced to sleep aids. I don’t touch the hard stuff (Ambien); it makes me a little weird, but I found a “natural” aid that’s working well, Calms Forte. I get up around 4 (or lately, 3:30), and stay up and work on school stuff while listening to crying. I’m making good use of the time, though a little bleary-eyed.

Morning is my favorite time of day. A solid routine is in place, whoo-hoo! The triplets usually get up at the same time, 6:30am. While I make bottles, prepare Jason’s coffee, and feed the dog, the babies watch an Einstein video. I wait for Jason’s alarm to go off around 7am before kissing him and opening the bedroom drapes to help wake him. Then I feed, change and dress the babies. After Jason gets ready for work, he kisses the babies good morning, and plays with them for about 15mins. During all this, I make a breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns and thick-cut bacon a few times a week, and Jason takes it with him to work, leaving around 7:45. All babies go down for naps (with minimal crying!) at 8am. It’s like clockwork everyday, and I LOVE it. Now if I could just iron out the other 22 1/2 hours…


  • Anna Culp says:

    That’s great you’ve been able to work toward your PhD again! And those are adorable milestones for the babes! I hope the sleep deprivation ends soon! K, I’ll stop with the exclamations.

  • Diane says:

    I totally feel for you- this triplet thing is HARD. Even though none of us like to hear our babies cry, sometimes the CIO method is the only thing that will really get them sleeping. I find that even now, with my 2-year-olds. Every now and then, one of them will cry in the middle of the night– with one of them (my boy), going in and rubbing his back calms him and he goes right back to sleep. With my two girls, however, going in there only makes it worse and prolongs the whole thing. They are MUCH better off crying for a few minutes and going back to sleep on their own. As far as the sharing a room and learning to sleep through each other’s noises goes, I had mine together always- they shared a crib until they were about three months and then they each had their own crib in the same room. They do still wake each other up, but they usually just look around and go back to sleep. Have yours been together this whole time, or did you have them seperated before now?

  • carog says:

    You’re doing such an amazing job!!  I can’t believe how much you can get done while also raising 3 babies!  Amazing!!

  • Laura AlOtaibi says:

    Sorry the rice cereal didn’t work out for you! I was crossing my fingers! 

    Having all three kids in the same room is such a challenge and they will wake up from each other, I can’t lie.  Stay positive!  It does get better…

    9 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. was my first stretch of sleep, full nights of sleep are ahead! 

  • Marie says:

    Hey Esther, bless you sweetheart! You’re amazing. A thought on the cereal… I know the world worships organic, and we all want the best for our babies, but my daughter recently tried the organic with Emmaleigh Rose, who was born around the same time as your three, and Emma wouldn’t sleep through, didn’t seem satisfied, didn’t seem to relish it much. My daughter bit the bullet and switched to the ancient standby (Gerber’s – that SHE ate, and I ate, and for all I know MY mom ate…), and Em started sleeping longer and seems more satisfied. It may be worth a try… Meanwhile, my other daughter had her baby girl, Rebecca, 7 weeks early, and Becca has some very special needs (Cystic Fibrosis), so my daughter is in surprisingly similar circumstances, but with just one chick with very intensive personal care issues at home. Still three… Wow. Kudos. — Marie

  • Aurora Dobson says:

    Dear Esther and Jason,
      As my belly is growing bigger and all my three little ones are doing fine until now, I am so very grateful for your blog. I cannot help but see this as a very personal guidebook. Thank you so much for putting this blog with personal stuff out in the open for all the triplet-parents-to-be!
      Having (spontaneous) triplets amazes the people around me, and all they can think about is how cute they will be etc. (Except for my mom, other family and best friends who think about other, more practical stuff).  But we realise that there is so much more to it than cuteness. My pregnancy is starting to get harder and harder to the point that I wake up in the middle of the night with wandering thoughts about money issues or falling down ladders while painting our house etc. We recently bought a house which we are renovating now and it’s really hard for me to step aside and let others do it becaus emy body cannot handle it very well.. To worry seems to be occupying my mind recently and I find it very hard to change this nasty habit.
      The reason why I am writing this bit about my personal life here is because I know how hard it must be to start reading books about what to do and thereby admitting some “faults” (or nasty habits) of our own. We must understand our capabilities and not expecting from ourselves to reinvent the wheel. It must be hard sometimes to ask for help, but I think you are doing such a great job. I mean; look at them! The thing about asking help and actually receiving help is to let go and being grateful. And apart from that believing in it for real. I think that is why the boys are better sleepers now, because you transmitted that feeling of believing in youself and the new methods you use onto them!
      Keep up the good work Esther and Jason. You are teaching me some valuable lessons here!

    Lots of love from the other side of the Atlantic (Holland to be precise)

    • Esther says:

      Hi Aurora!

      It sounds like you’re doing great! Don’t worry about money, SERIOUSLY. The state and your families will help sooo much. If the trips are your first kids, it’s a harder road. Everything will freak you out after they’re born, but you won’t realize you’re being a freak! I’d tell you it’s ok if they cry, but you probably won’t listen LOL (I didn’t).

      Hang in there! Keep those babies in as long as possible! This is extremely good advice…the earlier they’re born, the rougher the road…and you don’t need anymore difficulties than triplets! 

      Take lots of pics!!!!!!

      Hang in there! It’s so good to hear from you again!!


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