Our First Trip to Target – 14 weeks

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Today we headed out to our local Super Target. Esther thinks it’s very important that we live our lives as closely as we would if we did not have the triplets. She thinks it’s a bad idea to stay locked up in the house with them just because we have three, and not one. We’ve taken the babies to Babies ‘R’ Us and many walks, but never to a place to do some actual shopping, and never without other adults to help. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing simply because I didn’t know what to expect from other shoppers, or how the babies would behave. But, as always, Esther was calm and cool thankfully (love her for that) and reassured me that all would go well.

Ready to Go Shopping

I’m happy to report the triplets did wonderfully. They were either happily people watching, checking out all the stuff in the isles, or napping. There was little to no fussing in the car or in the store. I was amazed how well they did. It was a great experience for the five of us, and it definitely helped me get a bit more used to the whole “having triplets thing” and all the attention that comes with it.

We made sure to feed the triplets right before leaving, and they were nice, calm babies. We received much less attention by splitting them up, too, but of course, we still got many comments and stares. Some people realized they were triplets, but many didn’t make the connection. We actually felt like a normal family. The key to that, again, is splitting them up so that people don’t realize they’re triplets.

In other news, we got a bumbo the babies sit in and grab dangly toys when placed under the play gym. Emilia was the first to grab the dangly toys under the play gym. The boys seem very near to rolling over (both roll to their sides, but not Emilia), especially Jackson. He moves around the most when he’s on his stomach or back. Also, they “babble”, and it seems as if they’ll start talking soon. In particular, William seems to “talk” to you. He uses the most sounds and syllables, and will “answer back”. If you say “Hello William!” he responds with something that sounds like “Hi!!”. It’s really weird.

Not much has changed on the sleeping front. As soon as I get home from work around 6, Esther helps get all the babies off to bed, then heads to bed herself, around 7 or 8 pm. Then I’m with the babies as they wake and feed until 12am, and I sleep from 12-1am to 7am. Esther starts as soon as I come to bed, or when the first baby wakes, anywhere from 1am-3am. In total, she gets about 4-5 hours straight, and then maybe a random hour here or there for the rest of the night. When we’re on our own with the babies, we don’t spend any time together during the week, and never sleep together at the same time. We see each other long enough to hand off the baton, so to speak.  It sucks, and it’s really exhausting for both of us. We can’t wait for all the babies to sleep 8-10 hours straight, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be anytime soon.

We now only use organic formula (Similac Advance) for the babies. It’s ALOT more expensive (almost twice as much) as the Target brand we were using, but we decided it was worth it (and Esther’s dad is helping pay for it :). Babies eat at least 4 ounces every 3 hours, except at night. After 12am, only 2 ounces are offered to those who wake, in the hopes they’ll get the idea and stop waking. Full feedings start again at 6:30 or 7am.

The 3 hour eat/play/nap routine is still going well, although the babies don’t follow it perfectly or the same every time. If you catch them at the right time (about and 1 1/2 – 2 hours after being awake), they go down easily. Often they wake after 30 or 45 mins, and if soothed, may go back to sleep. Sometimes there’s 10 mins of crying when putting a baby down, and we respond with rocking the rock-n-play, winding a mobile, giving a paci, or offering a few more ounces. But, in general, because we stuck to the routine, it’s gotten easier.


  • nicci says:

    I love the look on that woman’s face in the background!  “ohmygodlookatallthosebabies!” 

  • Martha Klopp says:

    the great thing about supertarget when they’re older is those awesome carts! not all the grocery stores around here have carts that accommodate 3 kids- target has the attachment that seats two, plus the one other seat. going to supertarget now is something “fun” to do (i know, it’s not fun, but the girls seem to like looking at people etc)
     it is true it’s a little nerve-racking taking them out at that age- it’s hard timing around bottles!

    • Esther says:

      I didn’t know that about the carts!! I’ll have to check that out next time we go! Thanks, Martha!

      • Diane says:

        Costco and Sam’s Club are also great for carts- they have double seaters, so you can sit two babies in one cart. When we had two out of the infant carriers, we would sit them in the cart and put the third baby (still in the infant carrier) in the back. We also split up and divide them between two carts. I’ve found the key to shopping-without-gawking is to not make eye-contact. I just do my thing and pretend there’s nothing unusual about our family. :-) 

  • Angelsmle_1985 says:

    im new triplet mamy
    my kids are GGG


    i hope the grow up quicly :)
    i get so tired with them
    i thnk its the most difficult stage
    they are 12 days

    god bless them

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