3 months!!

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I’m celebrating!! It’s been 3 months, and for some reason, it’s a milestone in my head. I almost see the forest through the trees. The babies are so much easier.

They eat, hang out contently, and nap happily (after a bit of crying, but hey, I’ll take it). Both Jason and I agree: we can’t wait until they get beyond newborn. Either you’re a baby person, or you’re not. We admit it: We’re not. For me, I like the personality part, the part that’s not so visible in babies. I can’t wait for them to crawl around and tear the house apart, driving us crazy. To distinguish themselves, to become stubborn or agreeable individuals. I want to know them and hopefully understand them. A certain amount of shaping is involved, but hey, they are who they are. Being in personality psychology, I know the limitations of shaping individuals. I’m hoping to see their strengths, and guide them in their best directions. The idea that all babies (and children) should be treated the same in expectation of some uniform, ideal result, is ridiculous to me.

I suppose it’s easy for me to see the obvious differences between babies as I have 3 to compare. Although slight (and I’m not even sure this is true), I see differences in the identical boys…but they’re very, very small. Jason can tell the identical boys apart, but I still can’t!! Emilia is very different from the boys, in appearance and personality. It doesn’t take a PhD to see what works for one baby, does not necessarily work for the other.

The identical boys cycled backwards this week. Feedings I thought were dropped, are appearing again, and the boys wake and fuss every 2-3 hours around the clock (fussings from the boys are usually about an hour from each other, never the same time). They’re not soothed without a couple ounces. During the day, their intake decreased as well, about 3-4 ounces every 3 hours (down from 5). WTH??? I can’t force them to eat anymore than they do, and I can’t let them scream for food all night w/o feeding them. So I’m stuck. The nanny come in a few days for about 5 hours a day, so I could get some sleep, but, instead, I ran errands. Yep. Stupid. I need 7-8 hours of consolidated sleep. I can’t “power nap”. I’m so tired, I get dizzy every time I get up from the couch. My eyes are crossing as I write this. I feel sweaty and gross. I have no energy for the babies, making me feel even worse. I attempt to sleep between their wakings (about 2 hours), but for some reason I can’t, even if I’ve only had a few hours of sleep in days!! I tried sleeping pills, but to no avail. Just as I begin falling asleep, someone cries. I can’t go on like this!!

Emilia is still sleeping 7-10 hours at night. She gives me hope for the boys!

I take the triplets for walks all the time by myself. I worry they need variety, and figure it’s good for them to get out. When I’m alone, I get comments from anyone I come into contact. I don’t know why, but I always feel so…embarrassed and uncomfortable. I know Jason feels the same way; it’s impossible to fit in and feel comfortable with three babies in a giant triplet stroller. Really, the triple decker stroller is ridiculously hard to turn and push; it’s such a struggle to use. I so wanted to go to the store today, but I didn’t dare. One negative comment (usually about whether they’re “natural”) is enough to inhibit me.

We had a play date with another triplet mama and babies. Her’s are 8 months old. It’s crazy to see what 8-month old triplets are like! You can see a pic of both sets under “photos” Thanks aunt Joan for the beautiful quilts!!


  • JP says:

    That was the one “new” thing I more than welcomed, crawling! It makes a world of difference and becomes soooo much easier to take care of them because they entertain themselves and don’t completely depend on you for entertainment! The older the babies get the easier they are but the harder the work gets…if that makes sense? But I’m not breathing a sigh of relief until they can get up in the morning fix themselves a bowl of cereal and plop themselves infront of the tv so mom and dad can sleep in : )

  • Caitlin says:

    Boys – I know it’s your three month birthday – but here’s a suggestion for you. Give Mummy the present and sleep through the night for her! I promise it will be better for you in the long run also!!! Hooray for milestones! 7 weeks to go for me, (maximum, fingers crossed!) you’ll probably be getting some decent sleeps by then and I’ll be starting on the bleary eye night watch!

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