13 weeks

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All three babies are drooling like crazy and eating their fists… It’s in my hair, on my shirt, down my arm, I mean big gobs of drool…from what I’ve read they’re teething? Isn’t it too soon? They can’t even hold a teething ring yet. Does anyone know anything about teething?

Also, William rolled from his back to his side – twice! I thought he’d make it all the way to his tummy, but he stayed on his side.

One of the boys (I got mixed up and don’t know who) slept 12 hours straight last week. Of course, they’re getting up every 3-4 hours now, but that was amazing!!!

Jason’s parents and brother are finally here! What a blast! It’s so amazing to have so much family in the house. With all the help, we even took the babies to Ross and Burlington Coat Factory. Their first trip to a store! Pretty much every person who saw the triplets stopped and said something. Or gawked. So we bought a double stroller, and a single. Plus, I have the bjorns. This way it’s less attention-grabbing, and we can manage the isles better! Pics to come soon!!


  • Meri says:

    Yes! Gwen started teething at 4 months…the teeth can begin coming up through the gums early on.  Gwen and Grant both got their teeth really early. Good luck! That may be what’s waking them at night.


  • Anonymous says:

    Yup, sounds like teething. my trio started at about three months and my mom said so did I.
    Heidi-Kendra, Kieran and Kyle

  • Mnktaylor says:

    Hi Esther,  Yes teeth for sure. I’m having the same issues here.  My little guy Emerson is 4 mnths and has been drooling for at least the best part of the last month.  But no teeth yet. Obviously just really sore little gums.  Not to mention the wet clothes from all the drool.  I too have a baby bjorn for this little one but had a maximon carrier for the twins so I could carry both at once and be hands free for grocery shops or whatever quick errands I had to run. I know that you can also get an extra piece for the maximom carrier so that you can carry triplets in it. Just  a thought if you are liking baby wearing.  But I guess that would be attention getting  in a way also not to forget the aching  back.  But it was handy for me when my twins were little. Sounds like you are having a great time with the babies.  Can’t wait for more pics.  Michelle

  • Caitlin says:

    My son started the drool thing around three months also, but it took another few months before the teeth came through. But apparantly they can still have all the teething symptoms as the teeth work their way through the gums. So I’m told, I’m not an expert though! If they are fussing, you can get homeopathic teething formulas if you want to give something gentler while they are so young. If mine were fussing too much, I normally would just go with paracetmol though. I found my boys were very fussy about teething rings.Since seeing our triplet pram, I’ve been wondering about getting two smaller strollers for when I’ve got someone with me. Just need to convince The Accountant. (husband) I still think the triplet stroller will still be good for walking around the neighbourhood etc.

    Clever William!  And congrats on the 12 hours!

  • Mnktaylor says:

    Love the new photos.  What beautiful babies.  They really are growing fast.  What camera do you use?

    • Jason says:

      Thanks! I bought a new camera before the babies were born. We have a Pentax K-x (red) 12.4MP. Great DSLR camera and very affordable compared to similar DSLRs. Here’s the info on the one we have: http://www.pentaximaging.com/slr/K-x_Red/

  • Kate says:

    They probably aren’t teething yet but rather have just discovered their hands. Very common at that age! My daughter did the same thing around that age but didn’t get her first tooth until 6.5 months. Teething at three months is possible but not likely. Good luck with the slobber!

  • Laura AlOtaibi says:

    Ester – People will still stop and say things even with the double and triple stroller, but as you said it is less attention grabbing! My babies have also been drooling like crazy and haven’t figured out what to do with the teething rings yet.  I’m glad you have some help, hopefully you are getting a few hours of sleep! 

  • Chelsea says:

    I think it’s normal for to drool and chewing to begin at 3 months. My daughter was a super drooler at that age, but didn’t get her first tooth until 8 months!

  • Could be teething, but most likely they’ve just found their hands like a previous poster said. It happens around 3 months and they drool A LOT. Mine started around that age and I thought for sure teething….but then they didn’t get their first teeth until 9-10 months. You’ll definitely know when they’re teething because you can see the teeth (or sometimes feel them) coming through the gums. It’s generally the 2 bottom-middle ones first.

    The double and single attract much less attention than the triple! But you’ll still get twin comments on the double:)

  • Diane says:

    I never even bought a triple stroller- just a double and a single and we also used a Snugli when the babies were small. My husband really doesn’t like the attention, so we always tried to split them up. Now that they can ride in the choo-choo wagon, we are always blown away by the attention they get. We are now starting to just pull two in the double choo-choo and let one of the triplets walk. Twins attract way less attention than triplets. :-)

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