One Year Ago Today

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One year ago today was just like any other Saturday for me. I got up, walked my dog Diego, and worked on a web development project for a client.

After the day’s tasks were complete, I nervously got ready for a first date. I don’t usually get nervous about meeting new people, but this seemed different to me. Little did I know that I was about to meet my wife, and that we’d be married and parents of triplets in less than a year.

Esther eventually called to say she had arrived at my apartment, so I went downstairs to meet her. As I stepped on to the street I saw her from about a half a block away, walking toward me. It was strange, but at that very instant, I had a feeling that this was it. It, as in, I’m about to meet the one

We hugged and said hello, as though we already knew each other. At dinner, we talked about growing up in the mid-west and how we loved living in Southern California. It was very comfortable between us, and it seemed we instantly “hit it off”. In fact, we’ve never spent a day apart since we met. Yep, we didn’t waste any time.

It’s amazing how much life can change in just one year. It’s been the most exciting and best year of my life and I have her to thank for it. She’s given us 3 beautiful, healthy children and made this house a real home. I love her more each and every day. I really do feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

Happy anniversary honey. Here’s to fifty more…


  • Caitlin says:

    Aw, so sweet. Might have been quick moving, in so many ways, but at least you scored a good one, Esther! Enjoy your anniversary – not too many people who can say that they’ve done everything you two have done in a year! (Not too many? Who am I kidding, I bet you have a totally unique story!)

  • Esther says:

    What a surprise and miracle it was to finally meet my husband. We were expecting this to be the most difficult time for our relationship, but we’ve only grown stronger, and more in love. It just goes to show that when it’s right, you know it. :)

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