9 weeks

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After 2 months of total confusion and exhaustion over all the methods, I’m getting a handle on things. I can now say the babies are less fussy. We feed them every 3 hours, except after the 7pm feeding. Having a schedule allows the babies to know what’s coming. We follow an eat/play/nap routine. Everyone eats, plays (sits in bouncies, gets rocked, or the play gym), and then goes down for naps at the same time. Naps are the hardest, and crying ensues, but it’s getting better. It was very hard to implement, but necessary for my sanity and theirs!

We tried to do it without a schedule and “follow their cues”, but that didn’t last. We couldn’t maintain ourselves, or keep up with them. In the beginning if a baby cried, I picked him or her up immediately. Now I let them cry for a little bit in their cribs before naps, and I’m finding they settle on their own and self-sooth somewhat (although I go in all the time). Now they’re napping better, and everything else is easier. When they’re awake, they’re happier.

They’re sleeping longer periods at night. Maybe 8pm to 1am. Or maybe 1am to 6am. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, one sleeps 8pm to 3am.  This depends on the baby.  I call the 6 or 7pm  feeding the last feeding of the night, and demand-feed only after that. They sleep anywhere from 5 -7 hour stretches.  I feed them about 4-5 oz. every 3 hours during the day, and they usually eat 4 oz when they wake at night. Every baby skips at least one feeding at night. This is why I don’t follow the “feed one, feed all” policy at night. Their weights are fine, and they’re ready to sleep longer. Why not let them? Last night (because I didn’t wake them all when William awoke), both Jackson and Emilia slept about 6 hours straight.

They all love the baby gym very much. It’s a lifesaver, and their favorite “station”. A close second is the bouncies. The swings remain their least favorite station. They spend at least 30 mins playing before naptime.

I still have “stress” dreams. I think this is part of the reason the newborn stage is so difficult for me. As a new mother, you never want to leave your baby’s(ies’) side. It’s instinctual. With 3 babies, that’s not possible. You can’t sleep when they do, because triplets don’t necessarily sleep at the same time. So you need to leave them with someone. That’s where the stress dreams come in. When we first brought the babies home (day 3), it was the worst. Every night, I dreamed the babies were in bed with me, and I was terrified to move because I thought I’d roll over on them. One time I even mistook the dog (who sleeps with us) for a baby. Yet they’ve never been in bed with us.

My other aunt came on Sat. She sent me for a nap on Tuesday, as she was very eager to help as much as possible.  I woke up completely confused, with no idea what was going on, and where the babies were. I leapt out of bed–literally running, terrified–to search for the babies. I arrived in the living room to see them all perfectly fine, hanging out and eating. Needless to say, I felt a little foolish. I can’t put the babies out of my mind, not even my dreams.

All babies are smiling now. :()


  • i hear that schedules are the only way to go! glad you’re getting them on one for their sanity and yours too! keep on keeping on! always thinking about you, jason, and the bebes. :P

  • Caitlin says:

    Wow, it sounds like you have come so far! Very interesed to hear about the demand feeding at night. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I hope with the tiredness that comes with triplets I don’t get ‘stress dreams’. I’d never heard it defined like that, never heard of anyone else who had them, but with my first child I was atrocious. But it was no problem with child number 2. I used to always wake up in a panic thinking I’d rolled on my baby (we never brought him to bed either). My husband couldn’t convince me otherwise most of the time. (It was a stress dream for him too. He hated my midnight commotions!) I’d have to trot into the babies room, feel that he really was in the cradle, then trot back to bed. Just awful.

    Anyway, great to hear things are getting easier. It’s so much nicer once they can start interacting with you. Continue to enjoy those gummy smiles!

  • Julie3SD says:

    I too have the same stress dreams! I startle awake confused/paniced about where the babies are.  But it seems only when I nap during day (no monitor next to me), and not at night (monitor next to me).  Either way, someone is watching them while I’m sleeping, but I wonder if the monitor helps me ‘keep tabs’ on ’em even while I’m sleeping??

    • Esther says:

      ugh…I hate thinking about it. It’s really the worst.

    • Julie3SD says:

      ok, so last night I slept w/o the monitor at night…woke up & could’ve sworn baby was laying on me-  the covers were bunched up a bit where I thought the baby was.  My experiment conclusion – its sleeping away from babies (or away from audio).

  • Marie says:

    Your ant will have the best effect on you an your family.  She is a terrific person and very human.  she has a nack for babies.  your’re the luckiest to have her there.  Enjoy!

  • Pam Kocke says:

    Oh, I had those “baby in the bed” dreams ALL THE TIME, and we never ever had a baby in the bed. The exhausted mind plays some crazy tricks!

  • Ann says:

    I had the stress dreams too. I “only” have twins, but I woke several times a night looking for the babies (under me, in the pillow case, under the sheets, next to the bed). Sleep deprivation can do weird things to your brain. I am so happy your nights are getting better!

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