7 Weeks

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Friends and family are helping and surprising us so much! We cannot thank everyone enough! Even short visits or babysitting help tremendously, and it means so much to us. My aunt and cousin left this week and both Jason and I are CRYING. Like my mom, my aunt and cousin put their lives on hold to help for 3 weeks, and it made all the difference in the world to us (and the babies). I can’t even put into words what they mean to us. Being pretty independent people, Jason and I never expected to call on family and friends for so much help. A very surprising silver lining. It’s so important and invaluable to have these close relationships, and we will treasure them forever!

After the parting of my aunt and cousin, we brought in the nanny, who I found via craigslist. She and her son will come during the day so I can get some sleep after being up all night with the babies. Jason and I are on our own this weekend. It’s our very first time alone as a family! It’s hard to believe that Jason and I have never been alone with the babies. I’m a little scared, and I hope we can manage by ourselves! Then my other aunt comes the 6th – 20th.

Little has changed with the babes, except they’re growing like crazy! Like clockwork, they fuss every 3 hours to eat. It goes like this: lots of crying, change them, feed them all at once on the boppies (about 4-5 oz), burp them intermittently, feed them more after they burp, then maybe change again. Burping takes forever, as does eating. The reflux makes them very fussy during and after feedings, so there’s no position of comfort; they cry alot. I usually flip everyone over on the boppies while I pat them on the back (it’s like I’m playing the drums:), they stop crying for a bit, and burp themselves, if needed. I’m very efficient, but still, the whole process often takes 2 hours from start to finish. Then another hour goes by and it all begins again. They may or may not sleep in that hour between feedings; usually one baby is up and needs to be held (the bouncies and swings don’t do it). We’re lucky when they all nap at once. Then we scramble to clean bottles, do laundry, wash dishes, and eat ourselves. When they’re up, they fuss. They demand constant attention. I expect this’ll get better as they get older. The most they’ve slept at the same time is about 2 hours twice in a 24 hour period. That means we’re strictly giving all our attention to babies 20 out of 24 hours a day.

We take them for walks and it calms them all down! I thought 6 weeks was too soon, but they do really well, and it’s good for mom, dad, family, and helpers to get them out of the house (and those boppies). We actually took them for a walk around the block at 2 weeks, but I think it was too soon. Now at 7 weeks old I can tell they look around and seem satisfied with the experience (a.k.a., not crying). If we see people, they usually approach us, so getting out of the house is a very public and social experience. Even in our quiet neighborhood people actually come out of their houses, stop us, and ask questions. This is something I did not expect (or would do myself), so it’s a big surprise. Still, I’m nice to everyone. I figure it’s our life, and why not accept it?! :)


  • glad you’re getting out there in the world! and that you have so much help!

    good luck this weekend! relish in your first alone family time!

    big kisses to all!

  • julieSD3 says:

    Weekend alone…You Can Do IT!!  Chris & I have done a couple nearly full weekends alone (sister came Sun afternoon).  What we do: prep snacks/food for ourselves on Friday, shower Friday if desired (won’t happen over w/e), then we alternate taking naps between feedings & during (ie every other feed both of us are awake, so we don’t get too worn out and can be sure we’re not falling asleep).  The person who can’t stay awake gets to take the next nap.  Good Luck!

  • Grandma Pam says:

    Glad they like going for walks!  They should be getting more fun soon.  Have you seen real smiles yet?

  • Caitlin says:

    Good luck over the weekend. Hope it’s memorable for all the right reasons.

    At the risk of someone who just gives more unhelpful advice, I thought I’d suggest a chiropractor for reflux? I have friends who have swear that after taking their reflux babies to a chiro their life has changed. I also have a chiropractor’s wife who’s own husband couldn’t solve a tricky case of reflux, so I suppose that show’s there’s no guarantee. Anyway, just a thought. Of course taking the babies anywhere is probably a huge struggle on it’s own.

    What pram do you have?

    • Esther says:

      I can’t even get a doctor’s appointment (big sore spot). What is a pram?

      • Caitlin says:

        I was wondering if you called it a pram when I wrote it, but couldn’t think what else it would be … push chair?

        No doctor’s appointment even? That totally sux. Can’t they make it for a later date, at the very least? Fingers crossed that some compassionate professional lets you in their doors and offers some life changing advice to you!

        • Esther says:

          Well, they have a hard time getting triplets in. I’m learning to call them and insist about appointments, as they have said “we’ll call you” but never did, and then when I called, couldn’t get us in. I’d say be very aggressive about making sure your appointments are scheduled. 

          No idea where pram came from…

  • Mommyandkai says:

    Hi Esther,

    I should be taking notes.  We will not have help and I am very scared.  We hope our two oldest will be able to adjust.  Our first two were very high needs.  Since they were singletons I or my husband could wear them in a baby carrier while we did all of our activities; cooking, laundry, walks and even showering.  My boys were always in baby carriers and would sleep. If we tried to put them down they would wake up until they were about 8 months old.   I hope that the triplets  are all calmer than my two others, but I am thinking the upcoming trio will follow the leads of their brothers.  We just produce high needs babies.  I will wear the most unhappy one in a baby carrier and hope the others sleep.  A mom of twins recommended a sound machine.  I bought it at amazon and will try it with the trio.  It is called a homedics sound spa relaxation machine.  She also recommended red lensed flashlights for night feedings and changing.  She said that way the babies would stay sleepy and not get woken up.  By keeping the room dark and using the red flashlights she could feed them and they never fully woke up.  I have never done either, but plan on it when the babies come.

    The fussy baby book by Dr. Sears may help too.  You guys are doing a  beautiful job.  I hope it gets easier. 

    All the best to your family of five!!!

    • Esther says:

      Thanks for the helpful comments!  I think even if your trio aren’t high needs, you’ll be in our boat. It’s ridiculously stressful and they barely have reflux issues. We use a sound machine, too, but getting them into their room is impossible. Same is true with the carriers. We bought a Moby and 2 bjorns. They don’t work at all yet.

  • Laura Alotaibi says:

    Ester – have you thought buying nap nannies for your babies with reflux….it has made all of the difference with mine! It’s expensive but worth it.  They can feed, sleep, eat and play on the nap nanny.  Just a thought.  Also, we make a point to keep them upright at least 30 minutes after the feed.  Dealing with reflux just makes caring for triplets that much harder.    Good luck this weekend, although I know you will  not need it :)

    • Esther says:

      I bought a rock-n-play and a tucker sling for the crib. It’s only the ID boys who suffer from the reflux. Both items work really well!! I think I’ll buy the nap nanny as well!! Thank you Laura!!

  • Esther says:

    I don’t like the carriers that much actually. It’s essential that they learn to self-sooth, so I figure if I can pat them, shush them, and let them be, it’s better than carrying them around! :)

  • Mnktaylor says:

    Hi Esther,  Just wanted to say hi and that I have been reading back through your blog and the story of your triplet journey for a couple of weeks.  I found your blog from a fellow twin mummys blog.  I am from Australia and have boy/girl twins and two singleton boys so have a soft spot for multiples.  From my experience with the twins it does get easier and better from about the six month mark.  I know that doesn’t help now but hang in there and you will soon find a new ‘normal’ that works for your family.  Love your blog and look forward to your posts.  I have experienced twins and can only imagine the joy that triplets must be. 

    • Esther says:

      You should meet Caitlin, who’s also from OZ. She’s commented on the blog. I was telling her I spent a year there – all over. Where are you from?

      • Michelle says:

        Have to admit I read the posts but not all the comments so not sure where anyone is from.  I can’t believe just how small the world is though.  Six degrees of separation and all that.  I am from Queensland, Ipswich exactly, which is about 1/2 hour  from Brisbane.  You have probably seen more of Australia than me. Did you work here or solely travel and how long ago?  I havn’t been to the US but would love to see it someday when the kids are a lot older.

        • Esther says:

          2003. Worked in Sydney as a bartender for 4 months, traveled the entire continent for 3 months. You name it, I’ve probably done it. Loved the west coast best and would kill to live there again!!

  • Esther says:

    thank you Diane, I’m now learning to let them cry at bit!

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