5 weeks

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Stick with me loyal friends, I’m still blogging! :) It’s been crazy stressful, but we’re pulling through it. Jason and I met almost a year ago, and since then we married and had 3 babies. Considering how much both our lives have changed in the last year, we’re finding all is manageable, even life with triplets! But not without more help than either of us expected. Currently my aunt and cousin have moved in with us, and we can’t thank them enough, or even imagine getting by without them! I work approximately 7pm to 7am and my aunt and cousin work 7am to 7pm. Despite the help, everyone in the house is exhausted!

After a month of caring for the babies, we can easily say this has been the most difficult time in our lives. With triplets, you can’t do anything like you would with a singleton. There’s already so much I had to stop worrying about (do they get held enough; is formula ok; are they comfy sleeping in the boppies; are they eating enough; is a feeding schedule bad, and on and on). It’s nothing like how I would do things if I had one.

You can do on your own, and I know parents of triplets who do. God bless them. I think it’s doable depending on the babies. Our identical boys are pretty fussy, and in general the babies never sleep at the same time, despite the strict feeding schedule. They often cry when they’re awake, which means we’re always comforting a crying baby. We can’t sleep if watching the babies (yes, even at night). It also means we can’t do it alone because we would never sleep. We thought we could do it without help, but we were wrong. I need to sleep and so does Jason…but otherwise doable. :) I’m expecting it’ll get much better when they all start sleeping though the night.

Neither of us consider ourselves “baby people”, so the newborn stage is proving pretty difficult. Our solution to all crying has been to feed, but now we’re learning that food’s not necessarily what they need (and it screws up the very necessary feeding schedule). I also respond to crying by changing diapers, and end up changing clean diapers at least 3 times a day. Jason avoids this by literally smelling the diaper in question. I refuse to do this, especially after the other day when he put his face down there and baby farted…so I change a lot of clean diapers. :) We fill an entire garbage bag every day with diapers, at least 35 a day.

Every day they get bigger we feel more comfortable with them. We feed them 5 oz every three hours (that’s 24 bottles a day) but usually we end up feeding them “snacks” as well, so we go through about 30 bottles in a 24 hour period. They all weight about 9 lbs.

We took the babies for their first walk at the nearby park. Getting them into the van and then their stroller was quite the production. Again, something I would not do without help at this point. Our stroller is obnoxious, so we drew alot of attention. We spent the majority of the walk talking to people cooing over the babies. I expected this based on other triplet blogs. Triplets garner alot of attention, and so do gigantic triplet strollers! The babies did ok, we had to keep feeding them to keep them from crying, but I think it was good for them. I look forward to more walks in the near future!

When I read others’ blogs I thought “doable”,  but now I realize how much work it actually is. It’s much more difficult than I had anticipated. A TON OF WORK. Come help if you can! It takes a village to raise a child…well, how about triplets?


  • Heidi Hascall says:

    You’re doing great! Veronica, Derek, and I can’t wait to come and help.

  • Rmdctc1 says:

    Ive been reading for awhile and just wanted to say that it sounds like your doing the best you can which is all anyone can do. Im glad to hear you have help. Know that people are cheering for you.

  • Caitlin says:

    Wow! Gulp. All this to come. Plus I already have two older children. Double gulp. I’m not contemplating who can come and do sleepovers at our place once the babies are here.

    Seriously though, it sounds like you are doing a great job. Even with singletons you find you never do what you idealised and make it up along the way. And from what I’ve read about other triplet blogs, you’re right, it will get easier! Will look forward to hearing more from you.

    Oh, and could you give me some advice? I’m having a triplet baby shower soon, my Mum is doing up a roster for people to sign up to help in advance. Any advice on some jobs that would be really good to get people to help out with?

    • Esther says:

      #1 train people to watch the babies so you can sleep (you need 2 people at a time to do it, most can’t do it alone). 
      #2 have people bring you food or come over and cook big dishes that you can reheat easily. If you’re like us, feeding will fall on the wayside – I often eat only once a day and that’s a problem. I think the stress just makes it hard to feel hungry, plus you have to scarf down whatever you eat, often while babies are crying for you to return.
      #3 take all used baby supplies and clothes and let people know you want stuff – everything
      # 4 make sure you line up people to help you every day, at least 8 hours a day. This is so you can sleep, because it’s impossible to sleep when they do. Ours maybe sleep together a total of an hour and a half maybe 3 times in a 24 hour stretch, and you can’t function like that. 

      You can email me too if you have more questions! Congrats and good luck!! I hope you’ll have a lot of help!

  • JoSue Rudd says:

    Do you guys do pacifiers?  I’m not sure if you are anti-pacifier as I know some people are but that might help with the snacking issue.  Babies need non-nutritive sucking.  It’s a newborn reflex.  So although they might be rooting around, it’s probably just to suck not to eat!  Especially because they are getting plenty of milk and eating at regular intervals.    That’s why I liked a feeding schedule because I never had to question whether they were hungry.  I knew they were fed, full, and if they were crying I tried other methods of soothing, aka pacifiers.  Since you are also on a schedule, I’m sure you have those same feelings as well.

    Rest assured, some babies like the paci at the beginning for the newborn reflex thing and end up not liking it later.  So it’s not always habit forming!  We used the paci with all three and now only one (at 11 months) still uses it. 

    Anyway, just some food for thought.  Of course this is all irrelevant if you don’t want to do paci’s at all but when it comes to getting through the day with three babies…..I think anything goes!  I called the first four months the ‘dark days’ because everyone is pretty loopy and didn’t know if it was day or night.  You are already one month down!  You’re doing great!

    • Esther says:

      thanks JoSue! We rarely use pacis, but do when necessary. You’re right about anything going with 3 – we do what we have to, and it’s nothing like we would have expected!

  • Caitlin says:

    Thanks Esther. I know I’m going to be busy, but listening to you makes it more real somehow. Still gulping. We have employed someone to help three days a week during the day. (Australia has a governmental daycare rebate scheme and a multiple birth allowance that makes these affordable. Because we have five children under school age we qualify for in home help. ) Lots of people from church and Mum’s from my son’s kindy have said they will help, so hopefully we should have a good volunteer pool. (I was thinking of utilising them for meals and housework Now I’m thinking of baby duties also…) We also have family living nearby. I can hardly walk down my hallway at the moment because I have so many boxes of used clothes given to me, so glad to read that one! (Plus I’ve got clothes from my older children also.) Thanks for taking time in your busyness to respond Esther. I will email you if I need to. xx

    • Esther says:

      Hi Caitlin,

      I took from your writing you’re from outside the U.S., but did not guess OZ. I lived in OZ for about 8 months, Sydney for 4 months. I lived in Darling Harbor and worked at the Dunkirk on Harris. I also traveled the entire country and loved it! Especially the west coast! Where do you live?

      You’ll need more help than 3 days a week. It also depends on how early the babes are born (the sooner, the more care needed). 

      • Caitlin says:

        Hi Esther,
        Small world! So you’re familiar with Oz! I live in Queensland, specifically Toowoomba, which is 2 hours inland from Brisbane. I actually haven’t been to WA, would love to one day, suppose those plans are delayed a bit longer now!

        3 days are all we can afford, so we’ll be relying on volunteers for the rest of the days. It’s just we didn’t want to presume on volunteers and wanted to be assured that we are going to have consistent help and someone our children will be familiar with.

        Fingers crossed we go for as long as possible. So far we have been having a pretty smooth run, so hoping that continues…

  • Judy Jolley says:

    Coming out of lurking to say you’re doing fabulous!! And you’re so blessed to have help! It’s always just been me and my husband caring for the babies and I think I fried a few brain cells over the past year. Our trio just turned 15 months (12 months adjusted) and I can say it does get easier (well not necessarily EASIER, but better lol). You’re in the survival stage right now, but know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! It seemed impossible to me that I would sleep again and be able to go places with them alone, but we’re doing it:) Hang in there:)

  • Mommyandkai says:

    You guys are working so hard.  I have two previous children and I am 30 weeks pregnant with triplets.  I think going from no children to 3 would be so difficult.  I have a child who is lovely, but was quite fussy when young.  It was manageable because I could nurse him on demand.  That is really hard with triplets and it is all you would do.  I hope things get easier for you.  How wonderful that you have family living with you, what a lovely family.

    I hope you all find your rhythm.  I am loving your blog and looking for guidance.

    Thank you and all the best to you guys.  What a lovely time.  

    Kari Frazier

    • Esther says:

      Hi Kari,

      I’m trying to blog more about raising them (the mother’s experience) than about details on the babies. I hope it can help you prepare! My family is leaving very soon (the babes will be a month and a half), and I am terrified! I’m scrambling to get help when they leave!

  • Ann says:

    Oops, I clicked too soon.

    I’ve been reading for a while now and I just wanted to say that yes, it does get better. I have no experience with triplets, but a lot with fussy identical twins and it is hard, just really really hard. As long as you do the best you can it’ll be fine. You can only do what’s humanly possible and they outnumber you (and your husband), so if things don’t go the way they would have if there would’ve only been one don’t blame yourself for it. There will be plenty of good things to come for them being triplets. GL!

  • Crystal says:

    My last baby cried alot. After being exausted for weeks the doctor finally noticed she has reflux. The acid frim her tummy was burning her throat. They put her on a nasty tasting med ( cant remember the name ) another mama give me the tip to ask for prevaid ( tastes like strawberry ) it made her much happier and comfy. Just thought Id mention it incase the boys have reflux?

  • Nick Stauner says:

    Hey!  I still wanna help somehow!  Gimme a call anytime you can use me!  My phone isn’t receiving texts for some stupid reason so call!  :)

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