2 weeks

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Keeping the blog going has been a big decision for me. I felt comfortable blogging about my pregnancy, but less so when it comes to blogging about the babies. I’m not sure if it’s fair to them that I let the world in on their lives. I’ve decided to continue, but minimize the details of the triplets’ lives, and focus more on the task of raising them.

During the early stages of life, weight gain is top priority. We feed every three hours, and try to stick to the schedule unless one seems especially hungry, which happens frequently enough.  We were feeding on demand, but that became impossible because someone was always needing to be fed, burped or changed 24/7, and that’s impossible to maintain if only one person takes care of the babies at a time.

The boys are very attentive and “awake”. Like their appearances, notable differences in their behaviors are not yet apparent. Talk about identical. There’s no way to figure out who’s who without looking at the painted toenail. They’re also fairly inconsistent and unpredictable in their behaviors. I never know if they’ll be fussy or peaceful. They both fuss between feedings and require a good deal of attention. I’m wondering about reflux because they seem to cry for no reason, unlike Emilia.

Emilia is a sleepy baby.  She’s a big eater and consistent in her weight gain, and sleeps between all feedings. She’s quite a bit bigger than the boys. She rarely ever fusses or cries, to the point where I’m wondering if something’s wrong because she’s so quiet and content! I often feel guilty about not holding her enough because she’s so undemanding.

It’s still very stressful taking care of the babies alone. I guess I thought they would be clones of each other – that they would eat and sleep at the same time, and I would have time in between for other stuff–like sleeping…:) Yet, it’s rare when a baby doesn’t need of some type of attention. I can barely do a load of laundry or unload the dishwasher without someone crying, day or night, much less eat or sleep at all. I really hope they synch up soon because I don’t know if we can keep going like this! Tunnel vision is setting in; I can’t see the forest because of the trees. Feeding, burping and changing diapers is not super difficult, but not being able to anticipate needs is very trying. Not knowing why or when a baby cries, or how to stop baby from fussing, leaves us in a constant state of heightened tension; I spend my days bracing myself for their next cries–knowing they’re coming, but not knowing when or why. This is where the stress is, the bracing all day and all night. The actual work is easy. I have no idea how any mother could take care of triplets alone, especially if one or more were fussy. There is absolutely no way Jason and I could do this without full-time help from at least one other person, we know that now.

Healing from the c-section is slow. By day 8 I was able to get out of bed in just a minute or two, but prior to that, it was taking me up to 10 minutes to get out of bed. Case in point: On day 10 post-surgery, I was laying on the couch with fussy baby. After he quieted, I attempted to get up , but I moved too quickly, and it was so painful I cried out and fell back on the couch with the baby still on my chest and my feet flat on the the floor. Funny enough, my mom was just coming into the living room when she heard me huffing and puffing, and ran over thinking something bad had happened. Nope.  Just pinned on the couch by a baby! She quickly lifted him off me. So, I have a long way to go before I’m 100%. :)

We’ve received lots of gifts and money from our families and friends, and we both thank you very, very much. We’ve been able to use everything that’s been given to us. I keep the registry updated as well. Again, we’re willing to take used clothes and baby supplies. I haven’t had to buy any clothes, and that’s allowed us to save our money for formula and diapers. As of right now, we have enough clothes for all three babies until they are 6 months or so, but we can still use clothes for after six months and more. Already the babies have grown out of stuff! We’re packing things up to send to the next triplet family, which we have lined up already!!

Family and friends have also brought us food, and again, we are very, very grateful for that as well. Jason’s mom sent us a delicious bouquet of fruit, and I, of course, devoured the chocolate covered strawberries immediately! :) I forget who’s offered to bring food, but please let me know if you would like to. It’s pretty difficult to even fit a shower in, much less make a meal around here, so food by any means is a very valuable commodity!! :)

We recently received the cutest stuff animals from babyage.com, but we have no idea who sent them! I’ve tried to contact babyage, but was unable to get through to a human. If you sent us 3 stuffed pull toys from baby age, please let us know they were from you!


  • Cynthia (Salminen) Maroulas says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You and Jason are your helper(s) are super troopers. 

  • Savymay99 says:

    you’re amazing Esther, and this stage will pass.  My mom always said I was a “scary quite” baby and my brothers fussed like nobodys business.  I can’t imagine three at the same time especially by yourself but even if they never sync up… they will sleep longer, feed less and well until potty training diapers only get worse 8)…. hang in there momma, it will be different soon.

  • Caitlin Taylor says:

    Wow. Sounds so busy. Good hearing your feedback on demand feeding. I’ve fed kind of demand with my first two, although I always tried to get them to three hours before I fed. I think I’ll do more research on feeding at set times. It certainly makes sense.

  • JP says:

    Time goes by sooooooo fast, cherish every moment and don’t ever wish for a stage to be over. Yes the beginning is very hard and you need as much help as possible but you’ll feel better very soon and YES you CAN do it by yourself. The first day on your own is the best and most empowering moment of M.O.M.-hood. A schedule/routine is necessary but don’t let it take over your lives, sometimes babies need to sleep less and eat more and other times they need to sleep more and eat less. I follow a routine but as a rule I never wake anyone up to stay on schedule (night time is different tho). You are doing a great job, lot’s of hard work ahead but it does get easier to manage : )

    Pitts Trips

  • Laura Alotaibi says:

    I know you are doing a great job!  I also thought about not continuing my blog, but decided to do so for family and memories.  I don’t have time to scrapbook, the blog is a quicker version!  Remember to enjoy your babies and take lots of pictures! 

  • Elizabeth says:

    The first few weeks/months are so hard. Everyone used to ask how we did it and now that our boys are almost a year old, I can’t even remember! I promise it gets easier! Help was essential in the beginning but eventually I got to where I just wanted to see if I could do it on my own. We stick to a pretty tight schedule (unless one is really hungry or needs a longer nap than the others). I think that was key to my survival.

  • Archie says:

    It’s a cliché that I had heard many times before and never quite believed while we were going through the rough first couple of weeks with triplets but after a couple of months I can appreciate its truth: it will get better! Sure there will be other challenges but this too shall pass. We too were baffled by the seeming irrational and mysterious behaviour of the babies. We too had one baby who (still is) more content on her own – thank goodness. Heretofore is a list of possible issues – babies are hungry (most likely), babies have gas, babies are uncomfortable for some reason (most likely poo or pee), babies want some cuddle time, babies have gas, babies are too hot, babies are too cold, there are too many people in the house/room, babies are tired, babies are hungry, babies have gas, babies are bored. The last one is hard to believe but there will come a time soon when they will need a change of scenery. We would go through that checklist endlessly until the babies, probably exhausted from all the fuss, settled down. Next time, it will be something different. The help provided by family members and friends though was invaluable as it allowed us time to eat something, sleep and shower. Chores fell by the wayside but alas that’s not so critical. In a couple of weeks things will change for the better. I wish you a speedy recovery from the C-section and hang in there. Enjoy the little moments with the little ones.

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