Week 34

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I thought the babies were coming last Friday. I had my mom fly in from MN, telling her I was sure Friday was the day. That morning I showered and washed my hair, did all the grooming I could think of, packed my hospital bag and stood by the door, ready to go. Jason looked at me and asked what I was doing with the bag. I told him this was it, let’s go! Then we picked up my mom from the airport and headed to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, I had my first scheduled non-stress test of the pregnancy. The nurses expressed their surprise, expecting I had done this already. Nope. I got the usual, “wow, it’s amazing you’re doing so well” as the nurse strapped 3 monitors to the belly (one for each baby). The sound of multiple heartbeats filled the room. Monitoring determines if the placentas are failing and the babies aren’t getting enough oxygen (common problem with multiples). It took about an hour. Then I had an ultrasound to check the fluid around/in the sacs. That took another 20. Then we waited expectantly for results to come back with the doc. After a bit, she entered the room and announced…everything is “perfect”. Of course, this is wonderful news, I just had a very hard time believing it. Truth is, didn’t believe it, so I insisted my blood and urine be checked for preeclampsia and HELLP. All tests came back negative.  I know it happens, but it’s super rare to make it this far w/o complications that affect the birthdate of the babies (the borderline GD doesn’t affect the babies unless it’s severe and I don’t eat right, and even then, it wouldn’t be so serious that they would need to be delivered early). I had the same test again today, and that ever favorite word of docs and nurses was used again, “perfect”. It’s the best news, absolutely, and I’m very lucky I’ve had it so easy and the babies can bake a little longer. It still brought on anxiety, mostly because I read too many posts on the triplet connection about women getting c-setions around 35 weeks, and they swear going longer is too risky. But I’m going longer, doc will not compromise on that.

Going out in public is an event in itself. It’s rare that people DON’T say something to me. A woman in a parking lot a few spaces over from us went as far as to roll down her window, stick her head out in the rain, and shout something at me as I climbed in the car. Comments include, but are not limited to:  “Any day now, huh?”, “Wow, you look soo uncomfortable” , “You’re so big…are you expecting twins?” Just as many men as women approach me, and I’m surprised by how many people guess twins. Like this lady at Big Lots. She tapped my mom on the shoulder, pointed at my belly and asked “Twins?” My mom told her triplets, and the lady smiled and said, “I knew it, she’s too big for just one”. I keep my head down and try not to meet anyone’s eyes, but that doesn’t stop people from staring and approaching. Kids are the worst; they have no filters and say/shout anything you can imagine. I’m just as scared of them as they are of me! It’s so distracting I can hardly shop, but I don’t mind the questions and curiosity. Everyone is well-meaning; they just don’t realize how many times I get stopped. If I tell them it’s triplets, the next question is ALWAYS: “Are they natural?” I tell them yes. Then, “Do twins run in your family?” I tell them no (my aunt’s conception of identicals is not hereditary, only fraternal twinning is hereditary). At this point the disbelief is unhidden, and more personal questions arrive, a lot more. Why do I always have to convince people I conceived naturally? I haven’t figured out how to get out of these annoying conversations without providing way too much personal information. When I assure them yes, really, I was not planning it, they don’t believe it. An unplanned pregnancy that resulted in triplets?! YES, it happens!

Doc appointment again tomorrow. Stay tuned, they may admit me if any problems are detected!

About the belly pics: I don’t think I’ll be putting that green thing on again. It’s stretched out beyond belief and I can’t get into anymore. Sorry :)



  • Modvegan says:

    Oh it happens alright! You and I (and I’m sure more than a few others!) are proof of that! I am so excited for you and Jason and so relieved that you’re doing so well. It really is remarkable and well, just really fantastic. I know you’re probably so uncomfortable and more than ready for the babies to come but congrats on doing so well incubating those littles! :) They will be healthier for it! 

  • Congrats hun!  I never thought you would be able to make it this long.  You are awesome!
    I would’ve been begging for the c-section already. 
    The last time I was prego with only one.  I was so big that people would ask me if I was having twins.
    I had enough one day and this poor little old man got the worst of my hormones. 
    I told him to go get f**k.  I heard any day now from 6 months on. 
    Just remember it’s only temporary.  You will be so busy once they are here you will loose that weight in no time.

  • Kari says:

     Hi,  I am 21 weeks pregnant with unplanned spontaneous triplets as well.  We have two other sons aged  2 and 5.  We are excited.  I enjoy following your blog!!  All the best to you, Kari

    • Esther says:

      That makes three of us that I know of so far! There must be more out there!! 

      I hope the blog is helpful for you, I try to keep it as informative as possible for those behind me. Let me know if you have any questions :)

  • Laura Alotaibi says:

     Go Esther!!  34 weeks is a wonderful place to be!  Congrats and keep us updated! 

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