Week 33

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The doc visit was uneventful yet again. I’m a boring triplet pregnancy. :) All checks normal, everything perfect. Doc was a little uncertain about when to start the non-stress checks, simply because most of the triplet pregnancies he sees don’t make it this far w/o any complications. (I’m about to begin my 34th week.) After a little thought, he decided this Friday, just to be safe. If the babies are stressed, we’ll find out, and then I’ll get my c-section. We scheduled another growth scan as well. We’re one of the few who get to see the best sonographer in the building for our growth scans. This is because our identical boys are at higher risk than fraternal triplets, and the majority of triplet pregnancies the doc sees are fraternal (due to fertility assistance). Knowing that, I feel assured that we are getting the best care possible, no problem will go unnoticed, and everything is going to be fine.

This week I’ve become very clumsey. I basically walk around like an airplane – arms out to prevent me from tripping and running into things I don’t see – like walls…I’m constantly dropping things I try to pick up, and I can barely type w/o numerous grammatical errors.

Baby movements are driving me crazy! It is a nonstop, round-the-clock, party in my belly. Now the babies have started to somehow move in unison. It’s like someone is grabbing my belly and moving it from side to side. Very freaky. And they’re definitely playing with me. If I tap, they tap back. And then some…As strange as it sounds, I’m trying to figure out how to calm them down in there, so I can get some peace already. And yes, I know what that means…

I’ve moved to the couch for sleeping. The hard mattress I insisted on buying at 4 months for back pain is now impossible to sleep on. Trying to sleep and waking up are by far the most uncomfortable parts of the pregnancy.

I also received an email from the local triplets club in San Diego, The More the Merrier, and visited their blog. I found a post that made me cry a little: The special bond of multiples.


  • Severe pregnancy gingervitis (and I’m sure about 5 cavities)
  • Pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel (waking to numb hands; difficulty making a fist)
  • Borderline gestational diabetes (type 1, type 2, and GD run in my family)
  • Clumsiness (especially when it comes to hitting things with the belly)
  • Extreme belly itchiness
  • Nausea/vomiting…STILL (mostly in check by Zofran, but I rarely make it a week w/o vomiting)
  • Lack of appetite…STILL (made worse by GD)
  • Sporadic contractions
  • A deep dislike of waking up pregnant; hence, crabbiness in the am
  • Insomnia (wake at 3:30, fall back to sleep after 7am)
  • Stabbing or stinging pain in upper right abdomen 24/7
  • Swelling of hands and feet (my wedding ring is getting a little too tight)

Not bad at all for a triplet pregnancy. I am very lucky this is all I have to worry/complain about!

We moved to a 1640 sq. ft. 3 bed 2 bath house built in 2004 on Sat. I’m so glad because it’s going to be more than enough room..for now. I love that it’s single story with high ceilings and thick walls, double sinks in the master bath, and most of all, the built in seat in the large stand-up shower (I can’t stand in the shower anymore and was reduced to baths a month ago). Jason loves the two car garage and yard for the dog, gas fireplace and fridge with the built in water filter and ice machine. The separate dining room will be used as an additional baby room. We’ve added giant play mats to the registry that we plan to put over the carpet. Then just a couple gates at the rooms’ entries, and the babies can go to town. It’ll be a giant playpen! We decided to rent instead of buy (as painful as that is), because we’ll only be here until I finish the PhD program, about 3 more years. Still, we consider it our first house and the babies’ home for their first 3-4 years.


  • pam says:

    Yay for 33 weeks! I delivered at 33w2d, and my boys did great, so in my non-professional opinion, the kiddos will be fine if they’re born anytime.

    Just when I get nostalgic for pregnancy, I remember the itching, the insomnia, the numb fingers, the back pain…and suddenly I don’t feel so nostalgic. Except for feeling them move. You will miss that. :)

  • Laura Alotaibi says:

     Congrats on week 33!!  It seems like we had the same symptoms!  For me, week 33 was tough on my body (this is when they were stopping labor on a daily basis) but it sounds like you are doing great!!  Congrats on the house!  Please remember to get rest when you need!

  • Triplet myself says:

    I’m a triplet myself. I was born 7 weeks early suprisingly, grew to the normal size of a 1 month old baby not premature within a month. My dad told me when I was born my foot was as big as his thumb. My mom hemeraged from blood loss. My mom had lost a lot of weight over her pregnancy. The doctor said we were eating her from the inside out. She had to eat lots. She gained about 30 lbs of water weight when she was put on bed rest. She had c section of course. I was the first born and last to do everything else. We were tiny when we were born.

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