Week 32

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We made it to the big 32 week goal! On average, most triplets are born this week, but not ours! We are very fortunate to have made it this far with zero complications or strict bedrest!! I thank the faculty and staff at school for helping me get off my feet as early as I did, and my dear husband for making sure I never lift a finger. I doubt I would have come to this milestone so smoothly otherwise. Everything looks perfect again, normal BP, no protein in urine, ect., and  I no longer have cervix checks. The babies are big for triplets, and in the 50th percentile for babies in general. Baby A (William Jeffrey) 4 lbs. 1 oz.; Baby B (Jackson Martin) 4 lbs 3 oz; Baby C (Emilia Olive) 3 lbs 15 oz. The babies are very close in weight which is excellent, especially for the identical twin boys. Also, the nurse noticed Emilia has quite the head of hair…and the boys are bald. Turns out, I had a lot of hair at birth and Jason had none. This may confirm my suspicion that the girl will look like me and the boys like Jason. It’ll be interesting to see. Doc had me schedule my next FOUR appointments because now I will be seeing him weekly. He wants me to make it to 36 weeks.

I finally saw a dietician today about the borderline diabetes, nearly a month after failing my diabetes test. I was confused because I thought I was seeing two people…Plus, she didn’t know about the GD, and just thought I was there for nutrition tips. The appointment was scheduled so my time with her was limited to fewer than 30 mins., and we really didn’t have much time to talk after she recorded the intake information. She gave me her card, and I plan on calling. I’m already confused and have plenty of questions! Either way, I hate the diet already. I can have all the protein and fat I want, but must limit my cards. Let’s see, I have to limit how many apples I eat (yum), but I can have as much bacon as I want (puke)…

Other than the borderline GD, the only other issues resulting from the pregnancy are pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel. Waking up with numb hands is weird, but I really wish someone would have warned me about the teeth problems. With three babies it’s apparently inevitable. Some parts of my gums are so red and swollen my teeth are nearly hidden. It hurts like crazy to brush. I bleed alot, and I can’t chew on the right side w/o pain. I called the dentist, but she said I was too far along in my pregnancy for them to really do any work on me.  Had known this sooner, I would have gone in early in the pregnancy for preventative work. Let that be a suggestion to those expecting triplets who still have time. See the dentist even if you don’t have insurance!

My belly is now growing sideways. I actually think the pics I post don’t do the belly justice, so I’ll post some other ones w/o the one piece to suck it all in. You can’t see it in the pics, but if I run my hands down my midsection they swoop out a bit at the sides. You know you’re getting big when random strangers accidentally burst something aloud as you walk by. One woman at Winco, before she could stop herself, spilled out an “Oh my GOD!” as I came into view, and then quickly tried to explain herself. Between the looks and and the comments, I’m feeling a little shy about going out in public. I have a hunch this is going to get much worse when I’m toting a triple stroller.

I should also remark on how I actually spend my days. For at least the last month, I spend 90% of the day on the couch. Half the time sitting, half lying down. I don’t usually cook anymore, so I spend little time preparing food. I still go with my husband to shop (my doc frowns upon this), but I don’t lift anything, and I sit and wait while he checks us out. I am really feeling the contractions now, and they come usually at night, and are strong enough to wake me up. It feels like a bad cramp that doesn’t go away for several minutes or longer. I had maybe two or three today. The babies are so strong now in their movements that I’m sure one of them is going to break something, and born they’ll be!

We’re moving on Sat. to a big 3 bed 2 bath house. We’re sooo looking forward to it! Pics will be posted!


  • Jeremy says:

    32 weeks is, without a doubt, our dream come true. Congratulations, you two! Kabam!

    • Jason says:

      Thanks Jeremy. Hope all is going well for you and your wife as well! This was a big one for us and we’re super excited to know all is well with Mom and babies. They’re all growing equally big and the Doc is super pleased. Here’s to two more weeks! ;-)

  • nadira says:

    Go Mabel!!! You are awesome !!!!!! U are going to be an amazing mother!!!! Let me know if you may need anything, my number is 716-465-0366!!xoxo

    • Esther says:

      Thanks, Dira! I’m glad you’re keeping up with me, it’s heartwarming to know I have support from people all over the U.S., from my past and present! If you have any baby clothes, toys, ect.. that you want to get rid of, you can always send them my way! I see you’re got your hands full with a little girl now in addition to the two boys!:)

  • Pam says:

    32 weeks is awesome! And that’s when I was admitted to the hospital (for pre-e) so you’re doing better than I was. :D

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