Our First House

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With the triplets about to make their appearance in a week or two, we felt we needed to upgrade our living space. We totally underestimated the amount of stuff we would collect. Three cribs, dressers, tons of baby clothes, diapers, toys, etc. We’ll also have quite a few visitors over the next few months staying with us to help with the babies when they first come home.

So, we moved from our 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment to our new 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house! It’s way bigger (1640 sq. ft.) and the yard and 2 car garage rock. We love it here!

Since our families don’t live nearby, we had a lot of requests for pictures of the new place. I did them one better! I captured a quick video walk-through of our new house using my iPhone 4. Check it out below.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the song in the video is “Angel In The Snow” by Elliott Smith. He’s one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters…


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