Organic Garden

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Our backyard may not be that big, but I wanted to do something with the extra space on one of the sides of the house we weren’t going to utilize. The yard is “U” shaped and one of the sides receives a decent amount of light throughout the day. So, I decided to add two 4’x4′ raised cedar garden beds to grow some free-ish organic herbs and vegetables. I decided to start from pre-sprouted plants this year, and not from seed, since it’s getting close to the end of spring. Maybe next year…

Organic Garden Built Organic Garden Planted

Here’s what we planted: Sweet Basil (x2), Mint, Parsley, (Green, Red, and Yellow) Sweet Peppers, Strawberries (x2), Jalapeno Peppers (x2), “Early Girl” Tomatoes (x2), “Super Sweet 100” Tomatoes (x2), Cucumber, Zucchini, and Eggplant. We’ll also hopefully be able to squeeze some lettuce in there as well.

Total Supplies/Cost: 4’x4′ raised cedar garden bed kits (x2), 21 cubic feet of organic soil, garden gnome (to keep an eye on things), and the above mentioned pre-sprouted plants = $197.

I’m just hoping I didn’t crowd the boxes too much! Seems like I may have. Oh well, I can always build another box or move a tomato plant or two to their own planter(s) to give the other plants a bit more room to grow.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we also have some existing fruit trees in the backyard as well! There’s a plum tree, pear tree, and what looks to be either a lime or lemon tree.

Operation Help Feed the Triplets is well under way…

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