Week 31

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I got a call from the medical center about my bill. Deep Breath. So far, I’ve racked up about $17,000 in doc visits, and I owe $190 (that includes a one-time $56 flu shot). Long Sigh. Very happy. Very. Thank God for PPOs.

I’m getting used to being so big. I actually feel more comfy in bed now, and I found that a big fluffy feather pillow between my knees helps (a month ago I couldn’t stand it). Maybe it’s time to take back my giant snake pillow from the dog. I’m even sleeping a little on my back; I think I’ve adjusted to the extra 25 lbs of belly. Still, I often have restless legs, and I take benadryl for it a few nights a week…or when I can’t fall asleep after two hours or more, or when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep. I’ve learned that changes in the body are very uncomfortable at first, but I adapt quickly…except to the numbness in my arms and hands when sleeping. And the 24/7 stinging abdominal pain. But I haven’t had any back pain in over a month.

I’ve also decided that I should get out of the house once a day and walk around. I’m 100% convinced that sitting down or lying down all the time is not good, triplet pregnancy or not. I was in good physical fitness when I got pregnant, and I believe it has helped me do well. I don’t see how losing all my muscle mass and becoming completely physically weak is all good. I believe the muscle loss and physical exhaustion I’ve experienced lately could have been somewhat avoided if I just moved around more. Because my cervix is “made of steel” I figure it’s okay and even good for me to stay somewhat active.

So, my peri told me to see the nutritionist and get on the GD diet. Believe it or not, I’ve left 3 messages (starting last Tuesday) with the nutritionist at UCSD La Jolla medical center about my GD with the triplet pregnancy, and she has not called me back! I’m actually quite perturbed about this…I can’t believe they don’t return 3 messages from the same person in the span of a week to simply schedule an appointment. It’s not like I’m just seeking nutritional advice for a typical pregnancy (as I’m sure the majority of their callers seek), I need to be on the GD diet, am expecting triplets soon, and should be seen ASAP! Maybe I should call and say I’m expecting quads? Or quintuplets? How about a litter of kittens? What does it take??? I know UCSD medical center follows this blog on twitter, so maybe they’ll nudge them to get back to me and schedule an appointment before I have the babies, hint, hint!

If only the nutrition department was as efficient as the billing department! It’s scary to think you might not be getting adequate care with a triplet pregnancy, because it’s so easy for things to go wrong. I hope the babies don’t have trouble regulating their blood sugar, a common consequence of untreated GD. I’ve read horror stories about triplet pregnancies that didn’t get proper care. Some babies end up with permanent damage, or don’t make it because medical people were careless and just “missed” something along the way. Too many triplet blogs report troubles with this kind of casual care for me to feel comfortable.

UPDATE: After posting this blog last night, I received a call from my peri this morning. UCSD really IS up on the bloggers! I felt bad, not wanting to cause a stink about things, and certainly not wanting to make my peri look bad (he’s a wonderful doc). I was just so frustrated with not getting my phone calls returned from the nutrition department. Anyway, he said he was giving my number to the diabetic team (much better than the nutritionist), so I’m looking forward to a call from one of them later today!

I also ordered a GD diet book from Amazon that should arrive no later than Wed., and hopefully it’s the right diet for me (of course I’ll never know because dietary needs vary from person to person). I’m eating more protein, and much less sugar, and I hope that’s enough. I’m supposed to eat more protein for breakfast than any other meal, but all I can tolerate without yaking is oatmeal or cereal. Since my organic store was closed on Easter, we drove around looking for a place to eat. In an attempt to mix it up we tried “5 guys burger and fries”. I had exactly 5 fries and 4 bites of the burger before getting so full I felt physically sick. Good thing we sat next to the door. It was awful. I’ve never really liked burgers before, and I especially hate them now…I don’t know what’s up, but I’ve been feeling more nauseous than usual lately…

Now about the belly. I’m about 31 weeks, and my belly is now bordering on the obscenely large, grotesque side. If you google “triplet belly” you’ll see pics of triplet bellies (w/o the bodysuit, and less modest than what I would post), and they look like they must be altered or something. I thought they were. Trust me, they’re not. Now, when people see me coming they do a double take, and I can see the eyes widen and the wheels turning. I’m too big, it doesn’t look right. Thank god I’m close to the ground because my balance is way off. To illustrate the stretching: I had my appendix out last March and they did a laparoscopy. From that, I had a teeny scar hidden in my belly button. That tiny scar is now a half inch wide and over 5 inches long, bright red and runs down the front of my belly. It looks like I’ve already been cut open. Another: At night, if I lay on my side and bring my knees up, my thighs hit my belly. I’m all belly, belly, BELLY!!

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