Week 30

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Doc said I had to go on the gestational diabetes diet or prick my finger 4 times a day to test my blood sugar, my choice. Hang on, I thought I didn’t have GD!? Doc said because I’m teetering he’s going to treat me like I have GD anyway. I’m very confused and unhappy about this. First, I’m supposed to eat eggs for breakfast. Ick! I had a bad run-in with a hard-boiled egg last week, and all I can think about is how bad they smell, and puking. What about peanut butter or yogurt? Second, I can’t get an appointment with the nutritionist. Seriously, I’ve left 3 messages in 3 days. I headed to the bookstore instead, but there were no books on the GD diet. I’m assuming I need to cut out sugar and eat protein with every meal. Anyone know anything about this diet?… I hate eggs.

He said I was otherwise doing “spectacular” and seemed surprised I’ve had such an uneventful triplet pregnancy so far. Hey, me too. I wish I had worked/stayed in school longer. He said that’s why I’m doing so well. Ok, fine. I was off my feet all this week because of the contractions, and the extra couch time actually made my cervix longer, despite having contractions. It’s holding steady at 3.8. The doc was delighted. He said something about how I bet I never would have expected people to be wooing over my cervix. I nodded. He’s got that right. He proudly showed me my urine results, noting that there were no signs of preeclampsia whatsoever. My blood pressure was even a wee bit on the low side.

I was all-around surprised by the results of the day. Unless something happens, like one of the baby’s water breaks, there is no end in sight. Well, can I schedule my c-section so I have something to look forward to? NEVER. I suddenly feel like the pregnancy is on hold, like I’ll be in this condition forever. He sympathized. With triplets, you’re carrying not only the weight of three babies (now about 11 lbs), but also the weight of 3 extra liters of blood, additional sacs and placentas, ect…it’s much more weight than if I were carrying an 11 lb singleton. Hmmm…that may explain why their kicking and punching hurts so much. They really are trying to get out. He said my uterus had reached capacity weeks ago, so really, anything could happen at this point. I asked if bigger babies meant an earlier delivery. He said yes. If they keep growing like they are I might have them soon enough, we’ll see…I just want to make it to 32 weeks, anything after that I consider a bonus. Jason has his money on 33 weeks.

I only gained one pound in the last two weeks, but doc was more than pleased. He REALLY doesn’t want me to have any excess weight. Again, he said ignore Dr. Luke (What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads). He’s happy I haven’t gained weight anywhere other than the belly. Doc said I’ll be looking the same again just weeks after delivery. Jason says I look exactly the same now from behind, but then when I turn…BAM! All belly. Doc’s only concern about my intake is that I might be drinking too much milk. Again, he thinks it’ll make me gain unnecessary weight. I’ve been cutting back anyway because of advice from a professor at school. She said the milk usually induces a release of immune system cytokines that are not good for babies. That, in addition to the sugar content in milk, is enough to make me cut down considerably. Anyway, I’m craving red meat now. I had a steak last night, and then had a craving for another one just a few hours later. Yummm…steaks….I’m looking forward to another one tonight!


  • Jenny says:

    When I was pushed over the GD (ha) edge by steroid shots, my endocrinologist had me following the Jovanovic diet. Lois Jovanovic-Peterson, I believe is the doctor/author behind it. My dietitian had me on a higher-carb version to accommodate my higher caloric/nutrition needs, so her book alone may not be all you need.

    Has your MFM not referred you to an endocrinologist? Or at least put you in touch with a dietitian? Your status should make you a priority patient.

    • Esther says:

      No, no endocrinologist. He just said call the nutritionist to find out about the diet (we had to get the number from the appointment lady), and of course, they haven’t called me back. I’ve tried several times to get an appointment, but they’re booked like a month in advance. By then I’ll have the babies.

      He didn’t seem too concerned, maybe because I’m bordering? I think if I just adjust my diet I’ll be normal. I just really want some food options because I’m running out of ideas.

  • Bum Deggy says:

    First hit from Google on the GD diet, so you probably know all of this already, but here ya go anyway:
    Beans and nuts sound like a good way to get protein, fiber, and minerals if you might like them better than eggs…and if there’s something important about eggs that I’m not seeing here, I gotta say, hard-boiled eggs are definitely one of the stinkiest preparations you could go with. What about omelettes or scrambled eggs with veggies and salsa? You can use egg substitute in those recipes too if that helps at all.

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