Week 29

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Great news! After a week of thinking I had gestational diabetes, 4 blood draws on Friday confirmed that I, in fact, do NOT have GD! WHOO-HOO!! It was close, and the doc said I need to watch my carbs, I’m somewhat “carbohydrate intolerant???” Huh? Never heard of it. Anyway, whatever, I’m just glad I didn’t let Jason throw out my triple chocolate bundt cake. All that sugar monitoring for nothing! Root beer floats, apple pie, whip cream, chocolate pudding, here I come! Make way for the humongous pregnant woman with the giant spoon!

The babies are very active, and there’s never a time I can put my hand on my belly and not feel (or see) movement. I’m convinced they don’t sleep.

I put off the Zofran this morning in my usual weekly check of “morning sickness”…Yep, still puking.

Any activity outside the home now wipes me out for the entire next day. The upper right abdominal pain is particularly sharp and stabbing 24/7. I keep moving, though not everyday, because I have a hard time believing it’s good to sit on the couch day and night. Plus, I just hate it. Jason drives me to the store and out to eat a few times a week, and I really enjoy getting out, even if I’m wincing in pain.


  • Ed and Linda Raschke says:

    Esther, so happy to hear you do not have gestational diabetes, you go girl!! Is one of the babies maybe
    got a foot or elbow in the wromg place? Sorry about the morning sickness, that sucks! Take care of yourself and we can’t wait to meet you and the babes sometime in the hopefully near future! Hello to J,
    Love, Aunt Linda

    • Esther says:

      We are both so very thankful to have family involved! If I could, I’d move all your wonderful family out here to live near us! Of course, you are invited to come visit anytime. We hope that the beautiful CA location will help in bringing lots of family and friends!:)

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