Week 28

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I’m midway through my 28th week of pregnancy. Considered a milestone, if the babies were born now, they’d have a 95% chance of survival and a 10% chance of no lasting physical or mental disabilities. Cervix length is good; shortening every week, but still in the safe zone, 3.5cm. The babies are in the 70% percentile for size (this includes singletons, not just other triplets), so they’re BIG. The doc described the boys as “perfect” weighing exactly the same, 2 lbs 13 oz. The girl weighs 2 lbs. 14 oz. That means I’m carrying almost 9 lbs of baby! I gained 4 pounds in the last month (totaling 30 lbs so far), all of which went to the babies (and sacs). I’m surprised, but it looks like I really don’t need to consume the recommended 4000 calories-a-day diet for the babies to grow big and healthy. Doc said, “See? That’s exactly why I don’t worry about you gaining a ton of weight.”

But…I failed my diabetes test by a long shot. My blood sugar was 166. On Friday I have to go in after fasting for 8 hours, drink this glucose stuff and get my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours to confirm gestational diabetes. GD is very common when expecting multiples, but I blame myself. I never went to see the nutritionist (I couldn’t get an appointment on the same day as my dr. appointment), and my doc didn’t really criticize my eating habits. I should have known that chocolate cake or root beer floats everyday were not good choices. I just hope they won’t take away my organic milk.

The majority of my caloric intake comes from organic milk. It’s easy to get down, I crave it, and it’s good for the babies. I drink half a gallon a day, on average. I was under the (wrong) impression that Horizon organic milk was the best around, but the other day we bought the most disgusting gallon of turned Horizon organic milk. I returned it to Sam’s club, where I was buying it in bulk, naturally. I googled the company and found several damaging articles claiming it it was one of the worst “organic” names around. Horizon dominates the shelves of all the stores: Vons, Ralphs, Barons, Henrys. Finding a better brand is hard. Organic Valley is excellent, but very difficult to find because of its price. We finally found Organic Valley at a small organic shop in Temecula called Sprouts.

Every week I find myself adjusting to the rapid physical changes from the week before. A few weeks ago I was adjusting to modified bed rest. The idea is to lay down as much as possible, but no hard restrictions are placed, other than no shopping, lifting, ect..Now, a week later, I don’t feel as depressed about it. Currently I’m adjusting to 24/7 abdominal pain and sleepless nights. The pain’s been coming and going since week 14, but laying down always took it away. Not anymore. Now I’m falling asleep with stinging pain in upper right abdomen, and waking up to it. I’m also adjusting to a further decrease in appetite. It’s nearly impossible to eat healthfully, except for organic milk. Not good, as it looks like I’ll be adjusting to diabetes soon.

Turns out, I’m not getting over the vomiting and nausea, as I thought. I’m still very concerned about taking Zofran long term, almost my entire pregnancy. I’m not taking much; only 2mg every 24 hours. Still, without it I can’t keep a thing down.

My nurse asked if the triplet pregnancy was harder than I expected. I told her no. She thought I’d say yes. Well, plenty of triplet pregnancies don’t go smoothly at all. Many women expecting triplets–spontaneous or not–have given birth by now, have trouble with their cervix, or go on hospital bed rest, among a host of other complications. When I compare myself to the ones who’ve had serious complications by this time, I definitely think my triplet pregnancy is not harder than I thought it would be. It’s easier.


  • pam says:

    You’re doing great! I just checked my records, and at my 27w u/s, mine were 2. 2’4 and 2’5 and they were great weights at birth. So you’re growing little chubby monkeys! :)

    • Esther says:

      Thanks, Pam, for giving me something I can compare too! I’ve read through your old blog posts too, and even saw your TV debut!! I just hope the weights aren’t a result of GD!

  • Anna K C says:

    You’re doing so great! I hope that soon (but not too soon) this will be a conquered life experience and you will hardly remember the pain/stress. I hope you find some palatable foods.

  • Laura Alotaibi says:

    I wanted to thank you for being honest in your blog! I am also pregnant with spontaneous triplets (identical boys, girl) and have just started my blog…it is a total work in progress. http://alotaibi-triplets.blogspot.com/ I wanted to let you know that I also suffer from decreased appetite, it is very frustrating! I have good and bad days for eating, I think it is normal. Keep up the good work and take it easy!

    • Esther says:

      Hi Laura,

      I’ve read your blog – I can’t believe you worked so long into the pregnancy!! I can barely get out of the house! We love your blog and will add it to our blog roll. Looks like we have a lot in common (spontaneous ID boys and frat girl), and you’re only a couple weeks ahead! We’ll be paying very close attention to your progress! Thanks for alerting us to your presence!

  • Jeremy says:

    Very happy and relieved to see you’ve gotten to 28. That’ll be a big deal for us if/when it happens.

    You know, you’re not the first person I’ve heard this about Horizon milk. Mod Vegan, of course, doesn’t drink it, but I usually get Organic Valley and haven’t had a bad experience yet.

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