Gestational Diabetes Care Update

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UPDATE: After posting the blog last night, I intended to call my peri this morning about not getting an appointment with the nutritionist, but instead HE called ME. UCSD medical center really IS up on the bloggers! I felt bad, not wanting to cause a stink about things, and certainly not wanting to make my peri look bad (he’s a wonderful doc), who had nothing to do with my complaint. I was just frustrated with the nutrition department. After 3 messages left over the span of a week, no one returned my calls. Anyway, the doc gave my number to the diabetic team at a the Hillcrest site, and I immediately received a call from them and got myself scheduled with the diabetic TEAM to set up a GD diet specific to my needs. They also took the number of the person I was calling in the nutrition department at La Jolla, saying they would follow up with the problem and get to the bottom of things. This is good because I actually called the La Jolla nutrition department early in my pregnancy to get the proper diet for a triplet pregnancy, and was unable to get an appointment. Consequently, I never got in to see the nutritionist, as recommended by my doc (I hope my current condition has nothing to do with my diet). Hopefully this will be taken care of for the betterment of everyone, staff and patients alike. I should also say thank-you to the person following this blog at the UCSD medical center. Thank you! :)


  • Helen says:

    Just found you via Twitter! I have spontaneous triplets too (identical boys). Keep hanging in there! I know how uncomfortable you must be right now :)

    • Esther says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for dropping by with the well-wishes! We’re always looking for more spontaneous triplet blogs to add to our blogroll. I’m doing pretty well, probably because I don’t do much of anything at all..:) We got a look at your pregnancy blogs, and we’re happy to see that everything seemed to go really well for you. The boys are adorable!

  • JoSue Rudd says:

    Hey Esther!

    I found your blog off Laura Alotaibi who had her spontaneous triplets today!!

    Mine were not spontaneous but regardless of how they came to be, I also experienced the triplet pregnancy and all it’s ups and downs. Particularly gestational diabetes! I got diagnosed in week 29. I had already been bedridden in the hospital since week 23 so it was a huge blow! Point is, it is hard! Definitely not ANOTHER thing you want to worry about at this point! Sounds like you are doing remarkably well though and your belly looks great!! Anyway, stock up on the string cheeses and peanut butter. Eat them like their candy and don’t feel bad about the calories. You know what is the best bang for your diabetes buck?? A huge bacon, egg, and cheese platter with like half a piece of toast! I’m sure you’ll get creative and the book you ordered will help.

    I kept a detailed documentation of my entire pregnancy and still keep it up weekly. Our trio is 8 months old. Two boys and a girl! I wish you the best! Check our blog out: You can also get to it from Laura’s.

    Jo Sue

    • Esther says:

      Hi JoSue!

      I read your pregnancy/birth story. It sounds like you had a really good doctor who took great care of you and got you nice and far along in the pregnancy and had a good experience all around. Your triplets are sooo cute!! Sometimes I wish they would put me in the hospital just because of the monitoring – they’d catch something right away. I’m still seeing my doc only every other week and it makes me very nervous!

      I can’t eat eggs, I’m so nauseous I can’t stand it (worst part of pregnancy so far). But thank-you very much for the advice. I’ve been seeking help for a couple weeks – good to know I can eat lots of peanut butter and cheese. String cheese is a very good idea. I’ll will have been diagnosed with borderline GD for almost a month before I actually see someone next Tuesday…

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