Week 25

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The doc did a little cheer for me this week. Both hands up, tight little fist shakes in the air. Everything looks great! Cervix is still measuring at 4.5, very excellent. No signs of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Babies are big, especially considering I’ve only gained 20 lbs so far (not much for triplets): 1 lb 7oz., 1 lb 10 oz., and 1 lb 10 oz. I’m relieved because I’m not eating very much, but I am drinking about half a gallon of (organic!) 2% milk everyday. You should see the disbelieving look on Jason’s face when I slam entire pint glasses of milk! To increase calories even more, I mix two pints with carnation instant breakfast; to control sugar, I drink the rest straight from the carton. This adds about 1300 calories a day to my diet. A far cry from the soy milk I solely consumed pre-pregnancy, which contains phytoestrogens that affect male fetuses. You gotta do what you gotta do. I guess these babies love, love, LOVE milk!

Sleeping is horrible; I get more uncomfortable every day. I can’t fall asleep, and wake in pain and misery. Baby body parts are sticking out of me, heads, legs, and arms. It’s like the babies are trying to get out, to burst open my belly and escape. They try especially hard when I’m trying to sleep. The doc prescribed Ambien for my sleepless nights, but he said it could affect the fetuses, and if taken too often, can result in insomnia for the babies. I hope he was kidding, because that doesn’t sound safe to me! I think I’ll avoid it and continue shopping for a recliner. Might as well get used to sleepless nights anyway, right?

And yes, I’m still puking, having back pain, and stinging pain in my upper right abdomen, but it’s all much more tolerable now that I’m mostly home-bound. These next 4 weeks are the most important of the entire pregnancy. The doc said to limit my activity now, no shopping or housecleaning. I must lie down as much as possible, but I’m not restricted to bed rest because my cervix is still quite long.

This whole vehicle thing is a pain in the ass! Why can’t three carseats fit into a car??!!  Vans, despite their unsightly appearance and sluggish ways, are ridiculously expensive (yet still cheaper and more efficient than other 7 passenger vehicles). We can’t afford a new van because of all the other expenses that come with 3 unplanned babies, like childcare. And I can’t bear to buy from a dealership. My hubby thinks dealerships are “safer” than private sales, but I think the risk is worth it. Unless I were buying a new vehicle, I would feel ripped off by the dealer. When we went to the giant used car sale in San Diego, I ended up haggling with the salesmen and dealers for hours. One dealer “cracked” and went from $9,995 to $9,600 on an ugly dodge caravan. whoo. Sorry, it wasn’t worth more than $8,500. He was yelling at me by the end of it, too–jeez, don’t stress the babies! Sigh. This may be more difficult than finding the new apartment.


  • Anna K C says:

    I remember when I was pregnant (with just one) and her elbows and heels were poking all around. I had nightmares about “Alien”. Then she started kicking my cervix. Not fun. People joke that she was late because she just wasn’t wanting to come out. False. She knocked, and my stupid cervix wouldn’t yield. Three babies must really be a kick-fest! I hope you magically get more comfortable. Good luck with the car hunt, too!

  • Jeremy Bear says:

    Hey, good news for you! Carey and I are glad things are on track. We were hit with the “calories” reality today. Carey found out she’s going to have to more or less double her intake to be where she needs to be.

    And no friggin’ kidding about the vehicle. We’ve begun researching minivans too. We didn’t realize what a special request it is to be able to have three car seats next to each other in the row directly behind the driver. And never mind the fact that we haven’t really budgeted well, vehicle-wise, for being surprised by our own spontaneous triplets.

    Hang in there, Esther. You’re our canary-in-the-tunnel.

    • Esther says:

      Glad to be of help. Believe me, we searched high and low for blogs detailing a current unplanned spontaneous triplet pregnancy (Phew! That’s a mouthful). None existed then, but now there’s 3! It’s nice to hear you and your wife’s stories because you guys aren’t far behind us, and we can relate to most of your experiences. We check your blogs often!!

      I couldn’t follow the suggested calorie intake at all. The babies are in unusual positions for triplets – the girl is sideways across the top of my belly, right under my breastbone, and always sticking her head under my right ribs. It’s messed with my appetite since they got bigger (right around the time I stopped non-stop puking, thanks to Zofran). I hope Carey enjoys a ravenous appetite and can eat what she wants to keep her and the babies healthy!!! Quinoa would be ideal, especially with all that protein. Pre-pregnancy I ate it with eggs. Now I can’t even look at it!

  • Karen says:

    Exciting at 25 weeks in utero, I’m enjoying whatever my body is going through and looking forward to meeting the next phase of my life. Well wishes can’t wait to meet my trio I’m sure you feel the same. Mazel Toff!

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