Week 24

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I don’t want to talk about my misery anymore, suffice it to say that I’m still in a lot of pain, and I’m still vomiting with and without Zofran. I had a busier week at school than I planned, so I told everyone I was done commuting on a regular basis. My husband would chain me to the couch if he could, something after this week I am no longer resisting. My body says, “REST!”, and I’m ready to listen. Being home-bound now, I can function as my body demands. As strange as it sounds, I seem to be doing things a baby would prefer. Sleeping in 2-3 hour shifts, eating lots of sweets and cheerios, and drinking gallons of milk. Yummy…

Strange bumps. My belly has a life of its own. When I touch it, or more commonly, scratch it, it feels numb. The other night I thought I was touching my husband’s back when I was actually touching my own belly. Yep, it’s the opposite of a phantom limb. And it’s very…lumpy. The lumps move and shift positions, sometimes they group on the right side, sometimes the left. The freakiest thing is the jutting bumps that appear for up to an hour or more, before disappearing. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this?? And I’m not talking about  the constant kicking either. These are golf-ball-sized bumps I can see sticking out of my lumpy belly, not moving or going away. They kinda hurt, or are really uncomfortable anyway. My husband felt one and his reaction was something like, “Yikes!! What is that?” How should I know? A foot? A fist? After a while it finally disappears. *Shiver*

For people expecting triplets. The chance of triplets spending time in the NICU is very high. We heard Aflac insurance is very good, especially if you live in CA, and works in addition to your current policy. If you spend any time in the hospital for pregnancy complications (very likely), or if the babies spend any time in the NICU (extremely likely), Aflac sends a check for you to spend as you wish, depending on how much time you or the babies are in there. It’s key to go through the right agent. The first time I called, a random agent told me I couldn’t get the payouts because I was already pregnant. She didn’t know her stuff and was WRONG. I found the right agent through the triplet connection. It’s very inexpensive, and the chances of complications and NICU time is very, very high with triplets. Might as well pay for a couple months of insurance that could easily result in tens of thousands of dollars (remember, we’re talking 900 diapers a month, people), than go without.

Ok, we’re buying a minivan. Well, I am anyway. The minivan is mine, and my husband gets to keep his Audi. Cars don’t fit 3 carseats, fyi. My husband has handled all the changes extremely well, I mean phenomenally well, but this whole car thing was a toughie for him. He really loves his Audi. He really hates minivans. I don’t care what I drive, but hopefully it’ll be a minivan tomorrow! I’m selling my ’99 Honda civic if anyone is interested.


  • Modvegan says:

    Hi Esther I’m Carey- Jeremy’s (tipsontriplets) wife. I have to say reading your posts totally freak me out knowing that my time for strange bumps and the possibility of a triplet under the ribs is right around the corner! ;) But it’s also so good to read about someone surviving all that and keeping their babies healthy in the process. I can relate to some of it already- the nausea, not really wanting anything but fruit and cereal, trying so hard to keep it down, trouble sleeping… Really appreciate the tips too like Aflac and giving in to minivans. Which did you end up getting? I have a beetle so obviously that has to go. Anyways, thanks again for doing this blog. I’ll be brave and keep reading. :)

    • Esther says:

      Hi Carey! I just saw this post. I’m sad to hear you’ll have to get rid of the beetle. I didn’t mind the new apartment as much as the new vehicle thing. It’s hard to believe I’ll probably never drive a car again…

      Hang in there, our reptilian brain guides us through tough body changes naturally, and you’ll find you are able to handle much more than you think! Eat as much as you can when you can, you never know if you’ll end up losing your appetite!

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