Help Us Name Our Fraternal Girl

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We can’t decide if we want to name our fraternal baby girl Emilia Olive or Olive Emilia. So, we thought it would be fun to see what everyone thinks by taking a poll.

Here’s a little info about the names: Olive is my Great Grandma’s name and Emilia is Esther’s Great Grandma’s name. We like how the names sound both ways and we’re leaving it up to the inter-webs to decide.

Cast your vote and help us make our decision! We look forward to seeing what our friends, family, and readers like best. Thanks!


  • @callmecass says:

    Do you have boys names yet? Either version of the girl’s name sounds fine, but how do they sound together?

    • Esther says:

      William Jeffery and Jackson Martin

      • @callmecass says:

        Now I’m considering the nicknaming potential: I can see William becoming Will and Jackson becoming Jack, and then Emilia could be Em or Emmy or Millie or Lia. Hmm, unless you’d go with Liam as a nickname for William, and then you don’t want them to be Lia and Liam. And Olive could be Ollie or Liv or Livvy as a nickname.

        So, William, Jackson and Olive? Or William, Jackson, and Emilia?

        I’m leaning toward Emilia – it seems more in keeping with the length and style of the other two names. But they’re both great names! I can see why you’re having a hard time deciding. :)

  • Savymay99 says:

    Well I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ester yet so I’m not sure my opinion counts but here goes. I am a believer that a name should mean something to the parents and the kids. Since the names already mean so much to the two of you maybe see what the names mean and what you like best Like Emilia is from Greek and means Soft; Friendly. Olive is from Old English coming from Olivia and meaning Olive Tree. Hope that helps.

  • Kati Eslinger says:

    I am voting for Olive Emelia because I am guessing you want her to actually be called her name instead of a nickname. I can’t think of a nickname for Olive but Emilia she will end up as “M” or “Emmy” or something.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the vote/reply. Makes sense to me ;-) It’s great to see so many votes already. We really are leaving the decision up to everyone who votes!

  • Jeremy Bear says:

    The wife and I briefly considered “Olive” in case 1 or more of ours winds up being a girl (I think there are a couple of others we’ll go with, but it was on our list at one point). Either way, it’s a nice, unique name. Also, delicious.

    And, hoy, that’s a bold move letting the internet decide!

  • Vanessa Syra says:

    Olive was my grandmother’s name. Love both combo’s though and thank you for not considering new wave baby names like Bronxton or Cashton.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks V for the reply/vote! Yeah, we set out right away (Esther’s idea) to go with names that are classic/established and would look good on a resume. She has a bunch of nice “old-timey” names in her family and I contributed Olive. Again, will be fun to see how it finally pans out!

  • Jason says:

    Thanks! It was my Great Grandma’s name and I also like it. Appreciate your feedback!

  • Rachel says:

    in working with kids for so long i alway vote for names that won’t lead to teasing. i have seen too many kids tormented. for that reason i vote against olive

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