Week 23

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A lot of people have been asking about my due date, so I’ll address it. There is no real due date, but if I were having a singleton it would be June 30th. The average length of pregnancy for triplets is 32 weeks, so that puts my “due” date right around the first week of May. If I make it to my 36th week, the babies will be considered full term, and most likely not spend anytime in the NICU. It’s highly unlikely though, due to my size and the fact that it’s my first pregnancy. 90% of triplets do not make it to 36 weeks. So, I’ll probably have them sometime between May 1st and June 1st.

Ah, pain. I saw the doc again this week. I told him about my back and abdominal pain, and he said “already?’ and gave me a look that said I better buck up. Ok, maybe I’m being whiny, but the pain is like a of couple knives twisting in my back and radiating through to my stomach. I can’t help it. I can barely commute at this point. Or sit through a class or meeting. He said not to worry about the upper right abdominal pain, it’s just the girl squeezing her head under my ribs and stretching them out. Ok…nice to know…According to the triplet connection forum, I am not alone in having a lot of pain early on, and that brings me a surprising amount of relief.

The only solution to those pains is lying down. Period. I’ve tried everything else. I even bought a bean bag chair for good measure. I was convinced the bean bag would give me the right amount of propping, and coupled with the heating pad, be the perfect remedy to my back pain. I was very optimistic about this solution, but it didn’t totally work. To be fair, it’s still the most comfortable place for me to sit, and a good purchase. I would recommend the bean bag to others expecting. And at least I can lie down for relief, and that’s WAY better than nothing. It just means I can’t work as much as I would like.

The amazing insomnia and mysterious hip pain prompts me to further investigate techniques of comfort. My giant snake pillow was not a good purchase, just fyi for anyone considering buying a 6-foot wrap around body pillow. It’s too thick and I end up in weird positions that I can’t remain in. I also don’t know why my hips hurt so much, but after lying on either side for about 20 mins the pain is too much, so I switch to the other side. Back and forth all night long. This must be why I’ve always slept on my stomach. I can’t sleep on my back because I can’t breath – it’s like someone is sitting on my chest. My final plan is to purchase a rocking recliner, as I heard that’s worked for my aunt. I figure it’ll go to good use before and after the babies are born.

Ah, appetite. Another surprise about being in my second trimester has been the loss of appetite; never having a craving, never feeling like eating, never enjoying a bite. I thought it would be the opposite, so it feels really strange. The doc said it’s because the girl is very high and pressing on my stomach. If I followed my appetite I’d be skinnier than ever. So I just eat like it’s a chore that needs to be done–like putting laundry away–one piece at a time. ┬áSince we usually eat at the same time, I often ask my husband if he’s hungry, and if he says yes, I consider eating. If he says no, I figure I’m good. I’ll join the chorus on what I eat: fresh stuff and uncomplicated stuff. Fruits, veggies, carnation instant breakfast, cheerios and raison bran. I consume at least three of the four options every single day. Jason bought a blender so we could make protein shakes–an easy way for me to stay on top of nutrition–and I’m looking forward to using it!

Things are going well at school; I’ve finished my master’s thesis and have two studies unfolding next quarter. Everyone has been extremely supportive at school, and I am very optimistic about continuing in the program.


  • SavyMay says:

    I love reading this stuff. Seriously, I can’t get enough. My soon to be Mother-in-law has put the “twins Hex” on Me… Ernie’s brother recently had twins (natural). They are wonderful, but I can’t even imagine all the emotions tied to this. Good luck in all!!!


  • Vanessa Syra says:

    When sleeping on your side, have you tried putting a thick pillow between your legs to help with the hip pain? That helps me if my hips ever hurt. Also, laying flat on my back and putting my legs up at a 90degree angle helps take the pressure off my lower back. Thanks for keeping us updated on your blog. So sorry to hear that you have been so uncomfortable. Good job on keeping up with school though! Keep me posted if you guys plan on a baby shower, I would love to come and happy to help with anything I can.

    Take care!

    • Esther says:

      thanks, Vanessa! I don’t think we’re having a formal baby shower – I haven’t lived in CA for very long, and most of my family and friends have been sending stuff through the mail. People at school have been leaving stuff for me as well, but I doubt a shower will be put together here, busy as everyone is finishing up their master’s right now. That’s why we set up the online registry on the blog, easier for everyone to access and send. I just added 30 boxes of diapers after I realized we would go through about 900 a month!!!

      Yes, I’ve tried the pillow and all positions, nothing helps. :( I hope to get used to it. I’m sure I just need to get used to it…:)

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  • pam says:

    congrats on your triplets! mine were also spontaneous. when you get pregnant with triplets and you meet so many other moms of triplets, you start to feel like it’s not as rare as you first thought. ;) heck, even identical triplets don’t faze me anymore.

    the misery is only going to get worse, but it is temporary. you can suffer through anything for a few months!

    • Jason says:

      Thank you! Esther (my wife) is hanging in there. It’s great to see so many more families post here and give support. We really appreciate it!

  • Jeremy Bear says:

    Heya, Esther and Jason. My wife and I are also a So-Cal couple who are expecting spontaneous triplets. Our due date is Oct. 6, but we’re assuming September or even August for the little ones to arrive.

    It’s in

  • Jeremy Bear says:

    Whoops, I guess my comment was cut off. Sorry about that. Anyhow, it’s extremely helpful to see someone experiencing everything we are slightly before we are. Thanks for putting this blog together and please keep updating!

    (This post in particular contains a lot of moments that my wife is nervous about (she’s currently 9 weeks) and we’re looking for all the support we can get.)

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for posting! Glad the blog is helpful to you and your wife. I designed/built it for just that reason. Also, it’s great for our friends and family out of state to follow what’s new etc. Again, thanks for stopping by and we’ll of course keep posting. We look forward to hearing how things are going for you guys too!

      • Jeremy Bear says:

        Very helpful! We’ve even begun referring to you two in our regular conversations about our game plan. (“Jason and Esther are using Aflak. Should we get Aflak? If SpontaneousTriplets recommends it, we should think about it…”)

        • Jason says:

          Hehe… Again, it’s great to be able to relay info we’ve learned along the way. Aflak does seem to be awesome for people in our situations. Especially since we live in California. If for any reason the kids have to stay in the NICU (which is almost a given) or Esther has to stay/go in for any reason they pay out benefits. With 3 little ones coming everything helps! Oh, and the monthly premiums are not expensive so we felt it was totally worth it.

    • Esther says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      I enjoyed your blog posts – some of your comments/feelings/experiences are very similar to ours. We are both 31, and this is my first pregnancy. You guys have a more complicated road ahead of you than we do, but stay calm, it takes a few months to settle fears. It’s difficult to find spontaneous (and unplanned pregnancy) triplets in CA. Now WE’RE not the only ones. I’m serious, our doc deals with triplets all day long and has only seen a handful of “natural” triplets. Oh yeah, and you should know that “natural” is very offensive to people who had “assistance”. I’ve seen it claimed that our bodies are just as screwed up as theirs (your body shouldn’t release more than one egg, therefore you have a hormone inbalance in the brain; the splitting of an egg is due to weakness of your eggs). You and your wife should direct all your questions to thetripletconnection.com. It’s the only forum that has really helped answer my questions. Anyway, hang in there, and I hope to hear how your wife’s pregnancy goes (if she gets super sick, aches and pains, ect..). I post every week and try to provide as much helpful info as possible!

      • Jeremy Bear says:

        See, this is exactly the sort of guidance we need. I’m positive I’d have slipped up and said “natural” to some IVF couple and incited the wrath.

        We’ve considered Triplet Connection. It’s a good resource? Is it worth it to do the “Expecting” packet? We should do it, then.

        And yes, trust me, your updates are super helpful to my wife. We’re both cheering you on from Long Beach.

  • Helena Tan says:

    Congrats Esther and Jason!
    I’d spontaneous triplets too. They were born at 32 weeks last August with low birth weight of 3.96lbs, 3.52lbs and 2.42lbs.

    Hang in there… You are doing Great!!!

    • Jason says:

      Thank you very much for visiting and your comment! I’m glad to hear all went well with your lil’ ones. It’s great to hear about other triplets doing well… Reassures us that everything will work out for us as well ;-)

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