Week 22

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I’m pretty sure some good news is in order, so here it is. This week the professor I TA for insisted I stop teaching my sections and coming to lecture. Turns out I had up to 6 weeks paid leave for this quarter, and could have been off weeks ago. One of my peers also insisted on skyping me a seminar I normally go to, so I can watch from bed, which is exactly what I will do. I swear I can hear the collective sigh of relief from everyone who’s been watching me waddle around campus, hauling books and my computer. Now I only have to commute to campus 2, maybe 3 days a week! My general stress level should decrease considerably, and I hope to feel much better, both physically and emotionally.

This week we took a highly recommended class at the UCSD hospital for people who are expecting multiples. $30 bucks +a 2-hour round trip ended in disappointment. I was expecting to meet other mothers and couples of multiples, share stories and questions, but introductions were not done and the attendees did not speak much. The class was a two-hour-long powerpoint presentation on the broadest topics of having multiples. Sadly, we learned nothing we hadn’t already been told from my doctor and google. It may have been useful if we had taken the class right after we found out we were pregnant, instead of in my 22nd week. I think the only other class I’ll pay for is CPR, because I know it’ll be potentially useful.

Lately I’ve been looking for one of those chin up bars to hang from. The babies feel so squished when I’m sitting, I worry I’m hurting them. I constantly have pain in my upper right abdomen, and have very intense pain in the middle of my back–not my lower back–when I’m sitting. If I could just drape my arms around one of those bars and hang, both my back and belly would stretch out in length.  I must be one of the most whiney and uncomfortable pregnant moms ever, but I was warned. My nurse told me my small stature (5’2″) had forced the baby girl very high up my abdomen, right below my ribcage, and was going to make me very uncomfortable. She was right.

Oh, Zofran. I take half a pill (2 mg) every 24 hours, and it keeps me from vomiting everyday. This week I again tried to go without it, and I again lost my breakfast and then some. I don’t understand how such a small amount of Zofran can keep me from getting so sick… I wonder if it’s the placebo effect, but I don’t know for sure. I feel very uncomfortable taking a such a pill for so long. They say it’s safe, but you never really know. All I know is that I need to eat as much as I can, and I can’t afford to lose a bite.


  • Jona says:

    Sorry to hear about the class disappointment. You might look into your local parents of multiples group or a triplet support group for more useful information/support, if you haven’t already. I may be biased, but I think that parent-to-parent support is often more useful than a hospital class, plus most groups have active online discussion forums so you can participate from your couch (or chin-up bar!).

  • Angela says:

    SO glad to hear that you are released from TA duties!
    And glad to got to watch Michael’s brown bag yesterday…that was kinda cool, way to go Skype!

    • Esther says:

      I thought it would be very covert, but looks like everyone knew I was there anyway!!

      • Nick Stauner says:

        I think it must’ve distracted Michael for a moment, cuz Arezou had to announce it. ;) It was good though! We were all happy to have you there, and I’m pretty sure it made you look like an academic badass. Lord knows I wouldn’t give a damn about the brown bags if I was in your condition.

        Speaking of which, thanks for doing this so we can keep up! Glad to hear they’re getting so big and doing so well. You’re doing quite well yourself you know, all things considered. We might be sighing in relief for your sake, but it’s much more like we’re sending our soldier home than letting you out of your misery. I was sincerely impressed at how well you kept up with everything and how good a presentation you gave despite your circumstance, which really didn’t impact things at all from this viewer’s perspective. Good to know you’ll get to focus on your triplets more now though.

        Sounds like you really have that under control too. I know it’s annoying to waste time and money on a bogus class, but if there’s one thing you can learn from it, it’s that you already know a heck of a lot and have done your research quite well. We’re seriously proud of you!

        • Esther says:

          Thanks Nick, I don’t know what to say…It’s very nice to have so much support from everyone. I only hope I can keep it up after they’re born!

          • Nick Stauner says:

            well i’d blame ya even less if not when that time comes, but count on our support to continue. :]

  • you are putting us all to shame esther! what committment!

    send jason to the sports equiptment store for a chin-up bar!! or find an indoor pool somewhere so you can float away the pain! :)

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