Week 21

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I’m having a hard time coming up with the positive aspects of being pregnant with three babies. I apologize for having such negative reports. This week my sciatic nerve started bothering me, shooting pain from my right hip to my right calf. Sleep is fleeting because it constantly wakes me up, no matter what position I’m in. One night the frustration carried me from the bed to the couch, and then the guest room, simply because I couldn’t lay there and take it anymore. After a week of no sleep, I decided to buy a new mattress. Probably not necessary, but it gave me back the sense of control I was so used to having before I got pregnant. I bought the hardest mattress I could find, and I think it helps some, especially with the intense back pain.

It’s funny, lying down relieves the back pain, but awakens my sciatic nerve. Standing up helps with both, but I can’t stand for long, and I haven’t figured out how to work on my computer while standing. Consequently, my master’s paper is now behind the date I had hoped to hand it in. I’m not supposed to do any exercises because the risk of preterm labor has appeared, so I just deal with it, and lie down as much as possible.

I finally attempted to go 24 hours without Zofran. I really, really want to get over the nausea and vomiting. I’m willing it away. It didn’t work, and this morning sent me hurling to the bathroom as if I were still in my 10th week. All day I’ve been nauseous and had to do my best to keep from losing everything I ate. On the upside, I figure it’s good to be sick all the time, that means the babies are getting plenty of needed hormones, right? The last time we saw the doctor, he told us we were doing really well, and so far don’t need to worry about preterm labor. He said people who have spontaneous triplets in general tend to have better outcomes, and are monitored less than those who use assistance. ┬áSo we cling to that knowledge, and hope things won’t be as difficult as they could be.

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