In the Womb: Multiples

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Esther and I watched a National Geographic television special yesterday titled In the Womb: Multiples. We already knew most of the information, but it was still definitely worth watching. It’s especially interesting if you’re not familiar with twins, triplets, and quads. Click the image below to watch the YouTube version (720p HD) in a pop-up window.

This video has been removed by YouTube

Synopsis: National Geographic explores the extraordinary, never-before-seen world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Utilizing groundbreaking technology and amazing 4-D ultrasound images, watch quadruplets as they develop in utero and engage in their first interactions with each other. Can multiples hold hands? When one pushes, does the other push back? Does prenatal game-playing carry over into early childhood?

If you’d prefer to watch it full-screen or at a lower resolution click here to view the YouTube playlist page I put together. The YouTube version of this National Geographic program consists of 7 videos with a total running time of 1 hour 32 minutes.

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